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BTS Billboard in Gujranwala Angers Right-Wing Religious Parties

Pakistani religiopolitical party Jamat-e-Islami (JI) removed a large BTS billboard hanging in Gujranwala. According to the reports, it was to celebrate the birthday of the youngest BTS member Jungkook who just turned 24 on 1st September. BTS army all over the world displayed their love for the musical group in unique ways.

One Pakistani fan decided to do the same but of course in Pakistan, there is no freedom to display such love due to pressure from conservative factions who usually dominate the political scene. The ad was removed within few hours.

Why BTS Billboard Caused Problem for JI?

According to the reports it was JI’s Furqan Aziz Butt who decided to remove the BTS billboard. Butt claimed that the person in the ad was a homosexuality supporter which is why he thought it was necessary to remove it. However, there is no such evidence to this claim, and neither the artist nor the rest of the band has confirmed these details. Netizens saw it as a foolish step by JI which was taken in a fit of personal rage rather than the public interest.

However, they were shocked after watching that there were some members of the public as well who wanted the removal of this ad. A group of locals has seemingly reported the false story to the leaders of JI and they listened.

Who Put up the Ad?

The advertiser Younas Mughal told the media that a person paid 100,000 PKR for displaying the ad for 2 days. It added that the Chamber of Commerce Business Center asked for displaying the ad and then arrived itself to put it up. Then the advertiser further told that the ad disappeared after few hours confusing fans in the process. Many were disheartened by the intellectual level of this country’s leaders and wished that BTS never came to Pakistan.

It is to be noted this is the same fan base that once desperately wanted the group to visit Pakistan. Now they might have realized how embarrassing their right-wing religious leaders can be.

Reaction from the BTS Army

Apart from what transpired in Gujranwala, the BTS army across the world was surprised at how much Pakistani BTS fans love the group. It looks like they never expected that someone from Pakistan would ever join the global celebration of Jungkook’s birthday with the BTS billboard. Especially by taking a risk in becoming a target of religious parties.

BTS is no stranger to hate as many have judged them based on their looks. They have been vocal about this hate and described it as toxic masculinity that stigmatized men in only one kind of form, clothing, or style. The group continues to flourish their style and make a statement that men can also wear make-up and bright clothes.

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