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Why People Are Comparing Sidharth Shukla Death to Sushant Singh Rajpoot Case?

Sidharth Shukla death has shocked the Indian TV and film industry to the core. Millions of his fans broke down in tears and could not believe how the 40-year-old can depart so early. According to the reports, the actor died due to a heart attack but many disputed it and got suspicious at the hospital where his body was taken. It was Cooper Hospital, the same one where another young actor Sushant Singh Rajpoot was taken after his demise. As tributes were pouring in from celebrities and fans, some social media users started raising alarms about this development.

Sidharth Shukla Death Sparks Controversy

A lot of users were seen comparing the Sidharth Shukla death to the Sushant Singh case. Last year in June, Sushant was found hanging from the ceiling in his apartment and the police declared it a suicide but recovered no suicide note. Some fans of Sushant and other personalities including Kangana Ranaut raised loud voices for a deeper investigation. They alleged that Sushant’s post-mortem report may have been manipulated in the Cooper Hospital to hide a possible murder. Some Indians opined that the same thing might have happened with Sidharth’s death as well.

Many commentators on the death of Sushant also accused Bollywood of favoring nepotism due to which young and aspiring actors like Sushant suffered.

Is It all for Cashing on Another Deceased Actor?

Right now, there is no evident connection between both of these deaths which is why such connections started to annoy viewers. They were already critical of Indian media because of how it used the aftermaths of Sushant’s mysterious death. They carried on entire programs based on unverified conspiracies behind his death. Whereas the law kept declaring it a suicide and ruled Rhea Chakraborty in a drug case. Viewers didn’t want the same agenda to mock the tragic Sidharth Shukla death as well.

Initial Confusion in the Cause of Death

The confusion in the initial report also led people to question the reason for Sidharth Shukla death. There were some contradictions between different reports. According to reports, Cooper Hospital told BBC that it was not sure about the cause of death but Indian media mentioned that it was a heart attack. All of this sounded like a cover-up to those who still have questions about Sushant’s death.

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