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Forget FaceApp- Chinese Face Swapping App Zao Is New Cool

Obsession with FaceApp’s popular age-filter was not over that Chinese Face-Swapping App Zao gave folks another reason to go crazy. Zao which is probably available on Chinese iOS play store allows users to swap their face with the celebrities in popular movies from selected clips.

People who want to imagine themselves in place of favorite movie characters like that Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic have got something substantial to make their dream come true.

About Face-Swapping App Zao

Apparently, Zao is popular only in the Chinese market. But just like Russian FaceApp’s Age Filter, it has got a potential to be a big hit. According to media reports hashtag Zao was viewed more than 8 million times on the Chinese version of Twitter, Weibo. The app is also easily available on the iOS app store in China.

The Best Deepfake App?

Twitter user Allan Xia called Zao the best application of Deepfake style AI facial replacement and we can’t agree more. The app is just eclipsing some vital photoshop features that editors might be using for face-swapping in videos.

He also revealed how he swapped himself with DiCaprio within 8 seconds by using Chinese face swapping app Zao.

Folks who used this app were also aware of the consequences like making their picture available with the Chinese government officials. But using Zao to replace a Game of Thrones character with one’s own face seemed worth it.

Well, tech start-ups have even some unbelievable things to predict like media companies using common people to swap with celebrity faces with the help of these Deepfake apps.

Privacy Concerns for Using Zao

Chinese face-swapping app Zao is facing the same complaints as the Russian FaceApp’s age filter encountered. According to reports it was claimed in the users’ agreement that the company will have free and irrevocable right to use the content uploaded by the users. Due to this reason, ZAO had a negative rating on play store reportedly.

Maybe this is the reason why some people are suggesting to not download this app.

The idea behind this face-swapping app Zao indeed looks cools but it is equally scary. Separating fact from the fiction might not remain easy. How companies will be able to make sure that users remain limited to movie clips only and don’t temper with other videos. The consequences of this innovation can be huge if went unchecked.

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