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Eight Chinese Arrested for Human Trafficking in Pakistan

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) of Pakistan on Monday reportedly arrested eight Chinese men who were involved in Pakistani women to China after conducting contract marriage with them. A Pakistani matchmaker was also involved.

How Victims Got Tricked into Human Trafficking

Culprits with the help of matchmakers would lure the victim and her family into marrying them. After marriage, they would take the victim to China through Human Trafficking where they got sold into prostitution. The FIA after receiving multiple complains launched an extensive investigation that lead to the arrest of eight Chinese men, and two Pakistanis.

The two Pakistanis arrested are Zahid, a Christian father, and Kashif, a matchmaking agent they along with a Chinese woman named Mendes were responsible for making Fake Documents and ID’s used to pass the Chinese men as christian or Muslim.

According to media reports, names of the eight Chinese men arrested are Wang Hao, Shoi Sheli, Wong Yhazou, Chang Shail Rai, Pan Khowajay, Wang Bao, Zaothi and Kaindisko. One of the suspects was arrested in the middle of marriage ceremony in Faisalabad where undercover FIA agents were reportedly present.

The Chinese Consulate Response to the Human Trafficking Case

After receiving a report which detailed the method used to traffic women and hinted at the involvement of organ trafficking the Chinese consulate in Islamabad denied the involvement of any organ trafficking but cautioned against cross-national matchmaking as it was prohibited under Chinese law.

In light of good relation both the countries share China has promised to do its part in stopping such heinous acts from occurring and assured full cooperation in this regard.

The Impact of Case on Pak China Relationships

According to experts, there is no doubt that such actions do have a significant effect on the relationship between two countries, but ultimately it is up to both the countries to decide whether they will overcome the hurdle and cement stronger relations.

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