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Common Road Signs in Different Countries

Every country has its road signs. They reflect the kind of difficulties that a road user may encounter. There is a massive difference when it comes to the road symbols. However, still, there are some common road signs across countries.

Common Road Signs

Here are some categories of common road signs that you might see in different parts of the world with slight modifications.

Animal Signs

Some countries have roads passing through vast areas of forestation. Therefore, some animals can come on the road. They help the drivers remain alert about the possible presence of different wild animals. Kangaroo icon can be seen in various regions of Australia.

Red Triangles

The red triangles are also among common road signs that we see in different areas of the world. For example, the presence of an aircraft alerts the drivers about the presence of low-flying aircraft. Similarly, you may come across red triangles with rocks, agriculture vehicles, traffic lights, tunnel, or a bend, among other things.

Light Signals for Controlling Traffic

The use of light signals can also help control the flow of traffic. For example, the use of a flashing orange light indicates work in progress ahead. Different colored lights may have different meanings. These lights are particularly useful for drivers driving in a danger area at night or with low light conditions.

No Parking

The no parking sign is one of the common road signs, mostly found in busy cities. The sign discourages the driver of a vehicle from parking it at a given spot. When you see no-parking, it means you cannot park your vehicle at the indicated spot.

Pedestrian Cannot Cross the Road

Pedestrians can sometimes mistakenly cross a busy road. This standard road sign helps pedestrians stay alert. In some parts of the world, the authorities have installed separate traffic lights for the pedestrians with green and red colors.

Sign for Emergency Vehicles

Sign for emergency vehicles may not be among the most common road signs. However, it is important to know about it. The board lets the drivers know about the presence of emergency vehicles.

End of the Lane

The end of the lane is among other common road signs. When you see the end of lane board, it means that the road will end. Read the sign carefully to know if the left or the right side of the road will end.

U-Turn Not Allowed

U-Turn Not AllowedThis sign alerts the drivers not take a U-turn from a particular intersection. The primary purpose of installing this sign is to minimize the chances of accidents while ensuring the free flow of traffic.

Chevron Alignment Sign

The change in the direction of the road is emphasized by the use of chevron alignment sign. This road sign is common in many parts of the world. When you see this sign, it means this path is bending, and you need to reduce the speed of your vehicle.

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