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Students Bash COMSATS University Islamabad For Increasing Fee

Recent challan by the semi-governmental COMSATS University Islamabad has been heavily criticized for its overwhelming demands. Students shared it on social media and held the University accountable for making such a ludicrous challan.

Despite numerous incidents of students raising their voices against the unfair educational system, education institutes in Pakistan are making it further unfair.

Students Feel Threatened By COMSATS Fee Challan

Students were expecting Universities to provide some relaxation at least during the dire circumstances when the world is fighting coronavirus pandemic.

This user said that COMSATS University is already charging a huge amount of fee which gives them no reason to raise it every semester

Additionally, the university has also charged the fee for labs, sports, transport, and clubs that were not being used by the students due to pandemic situation. Students think that these additional charges must be excluded. Asking money for facilities not even used in the time period, seems like extortion.

They Need Support from The Education System

Students don’t want to pay the full fee because they used their own facilities at home which bore the personal cost. Similar criticism was thrown at LUMS in Lahore but to no avail.

Critics on social media suggested elite educational institutes assist students and parents in these difficult times rather than monetizing it for personal advantages. They think that the university was supposed to only charge for the poorly implemented online classes which caused so much problems for the students.

They were hurt by the lack of support from universities that are enabled to charge whatever they want by the highly incompetent education system of Pakistan.

Students Made Blunt Memes To Criticize COMSATS

Most students were saying that COMSATS was shameless for issuing this challan with a fee hike. They were especially mad because they even paid transportation fee in the last semester but despite not using the university bus.

It might be a meme over here, but it actually represents the exact feeling of students who are outraged after seeing this figure.

They are sure that university only cares about making money. They might not even care about student’s wellbeing let alone financial capacity during the pandemic.

Parents and students are already devastated by the economic effects of pandemic, and COMSATS University asking for full fee with 5% upsurge is barbaric.

Students think that the COMSATS administration must be ashamed of this increase. It is knowingly putting the pressure on students and parents for keep running the excuse that is online class.

This user sums up the corrupt education system of Pakistan where all the elite institute play the role of a strong pillar

There was just more criticism of universities not paying attention to the actual problems of the students.

This is exactly what COMSATS University needs if it follows the same unreliable education system
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