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5 Ways to Eat Tasty and Healthy Food in Ramazan

Muslims around the globe observe fast in the blissful month of Ramazan. They don’t eat or drink anything from dawn to dusk. Those 30 days indeed offer an ultimate enrichment to the soul along with teaching a lesson of patience and tolerance. A common question that many fast observers ask is what to eat in Sahoor and Iftaar. Or which is the perfect food in Ramazan that keeps a person energetic without being a mere burden on the stomach.

For all the ‘desi’ folks out there or the people of sub-continent who find it tough to give up the spicy food and greasy meals even in Ramazan, there are few alternatives; they can choose to eat the same sort of food in Ramazan by substituting few ingredients with healthy options.

Eating Healthy Food In Ramazan

Well, you wouldn’t be directed to some protein shake recipes and smoothies with difficult to pronounce ingredients. Just go through these tips that can make you eat healthy food in Ramazan.

  1. Do Little Alteration in Chickpea Salad Recipe

Chickpea salad is commonly known as ‘Chana Chaat’ in India and Pakistan. As the name indicates the recipe usually contains chickpeas, potatoes, onions, lemon and lots of spices. Eating a lot of spice soon after breaking of the fast can be unhealthy for stomach, that has not received any supply of water. Further drinking too much water after eating the chickpea salad or chana chaat can also upset the stomach.

On a positive note, the recipe of Chana Chaat has ingredients rich in calories, particularly those chickpeas. Hence this food increases the energy level in the body. To make sure that chickpea salad doesn’t disturb the stomach one should make sure to use highly boiled chickpeas and less amount quantity of spice. A good option can be to use the vegetables like cucumbers for adding the benefits of high fiber food to the recipe.

2. Add Nuts to Your Fruit Salads

Another common food in Ramazan that people eat during Iftar is the fruit salad or commonly known as fruit chat in sub-continent. But, unlike the healthy food salads, this recipe often has sugar and a lot of spice as to the taste of the people. Eating anything that has fruits in it is indeed healthy; the recipe can become more nutritionally beneficial if one adds the nuts in it. Sprinkling almonds, peanuts and even walnuts in the fruit salad can make them rich in fats that body needs particularly during fasting.

3. Drinking Fruit Juices in Sahoor

People make a huge mistake when they drink a lot of water in Sehri that they cant retain in their bodies even for the next two hours. Dealing with a bulging tummy filled with water is one of the common struggles of Ramazan that has created funny memes and that everyone particularly faces during sehri.  A prudent approach can be to drink a small quantity of water which is packed with calories. One must consider drinking fruit juices in Sehri. For instance, the watermelon juice proves to be the best option because it is rich in fiber. The soluble fibers lower the digestion and also the cholesterol level. Hence, the food remains in the stomach for a longer period of time and person doesn’t feel hungry.

4. Don’t Eat White Paratha In Sahoor

Eating Paratha in Sahoor is a tradition but one must make sure to eat the brown one. The white bread paratha is devoid of fibers and one starts feeling hungry within 4-5 hours. Here, the best thing we can do is to eat brown paratha with butter or something like that. Those who consider the Paratha heavy can eat simple brown bread (commonly known as Roti in sub-continent) along with Yogourt.

5. Eat Yogourt Recipes in Iftar and Sahoor

A common yogourt recipe in Iftar is “Dahi Bhally”; something which is not only healthy but also capable of satiating the taste buds. Usually, such recipe has bhally made from gram flour. But, to make the recipe more healthy and rich in protein, try to use bhally that have Petite yellow lentils flour. In this way, you get to eat something that replenishes your energy levels in the body.

One should also consider trying all the healthy breakfast recipes that have yogourt mixed with oatmeal, cereals, and barries in them. Eating such food in Ramazan is necessary as it supplies the body with adequate amount of energy.

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