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Facebook is Using Rosetta AI to Understand Memes

It wouldn’t be wrong at all to say that memes act as oxygen for the social media; in fact, both are tightly knit terms that have defined a whole new genre of entertainment in the twenty-first century. Social media memes are indeed a major source of infotainment and entertainment for many people, but at the same times, they help betray the viewers and even act as means of spreading hatred. Now, the social media giant Facebook has come up with Rosetta AI which will scan and read those memes to check their subject.

What is Rosetta AI?

Rosetta is an artificial intelligence tool which will help scan texts on millions of images and memes shared on Facebook each day. It will also extract text from the video frames and analyze its context. Briefly, Rosetta AI tries comprehending the content of a graphic uploaded or shared on Facebook for various purposes. It may be useful in tackling the fake news problem but more comprehensive that WhatsApp feature introduced for the same purpose.

Real Purpose of Using Rosetta

According to the Facebook blog post that explained the purpose and working mechanism of Rosetta, the platform including Instagram issued to share myriad of graphic content that contains text in different languages. While OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can only scan the text, it can not reveal the context of such text.

Contrary to this, Rosetta AI has a much complex task to perform. It can incorporate text on images into screen reader making the social media platform more accessible for the visually impaired individual.

Another valuable feature of Rosetta AI is that it will assist in image search on Facebook in a more comprehensive way. Earlier, the Facebook search didn’t detect search keywords written on images or memes, but now it may do that too and enhance the user experience.

 A Way to Tacke Hate Speech and Spread of Misinformation

Apart from helping users in more comprehensive research, another purpose of Rosetta AI is that it may help prevent the spread of misinformation. Since the artificial intelligence tool will not only be enhancing the text but also understanding its context, it will allow Facebook to see if the material is fake news or some hate speech. Now, this is something cool as social media is the hotbed of fake news and it needs to take measures to help prevent the spread of misinformation which can result in betrayal and even some dire consequences that can lead to chaos.

Well, how Rosetta AI, transforms the Facebook user experience is the matter of future, but it is not expected to be any less revolutionary.

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