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Social Media Slams FAST University for Punishing Students for Making Memes

Some students of FAST University, Lahore got into trouble for making memes against the educational establishment. Reportedly these students have made a Facebook group where they share memes to criticize the administration of the popular institution.

University sent disciplinary notice to all members of that group. This notice threatened reduction in grades and for some, even expulsion. It also commanded labour work around the campus and threatened to seize degrees.

Students across Pakistan have condemned this over the top response to memes.

Fast University Facing Criticism for Punishing Students

Fast’s disciplinary notice mentions all the names of the students who were involved in making memes. Many came to support the students and criticize the decision of Fast. The education sector in any country should be benevolent enough to care for each student and their concerns. It is not acceptable that the Pakistani education system continues to disappoint in that regard. Critics think that there is something seriously wrong with Fast University

This was not considered as a professional behaviour being an educational institution. Rather, it was unnecessary to expel students on the basis of having a social media banter.

This shows how educational institutions in Pakistan judge students. They are not keen on making a healthy learning environment, they just want the oppressive regime to control everyone in their facility. This is a failed strategy that is being overused in most Pakistani universities.

Outsiders can perhaps speculate but the students learning inside Fast University know how the administration works. They just want to satisfy their worthless ego which was hurt due to some memes on social media.

The fact the Fast University decided to reduce grades of the students for merely making memes was really outrageous and it was making critics argue that such lack of tolerance comes from people in its administration who have history to remain a military regime tout.

Memes that Got FAST Students into Trouble

There are different opinions on social media regarding the content of memes that forced FAST to take this decision. Many shared only 7-8 memes which were not offensive enough to generate this notice.

As many pointed out that these memes were harmless and didn’t qualify as an offence that should have resulted in such cruelty from the institution. There is a student’s future at the stake here. This is another string of memes on Fast University.

Few users claimed that there were also other filthy memes with suggestive content. But, they were not shared with the public as evidence.

FAST University Being Criticized with More Memes

As everyone got to know what triggered Fast, they started to create and share more memes. It was their way of showing support to the students who are in danger of losing so much. This gesture implies that Fast should be ashamed of itself

The university made the decision independently and forced it upon students like its nothing. They did not consider the effects it would have on a student’s life. This user explained in a meme about what Fast thinks of itself.

It is a good opportunity to reflect for those who consider it an honor to study at Fast University. It might hurt them to see the face of university they wanted to get in so desperately. The brand name forces people to make many bad decisions. Previously, LUMS university also tormented students by increasing their fees.

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