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It Calls for Celebration as Liverpool Finally Becomes Champion of England

Liverpool had to wait 30 long years to be crowned as the Premier League champions once again. They secured the championship for the 19th time after Chelsea beat Manchester City 2 -1 on Thursday, June 25th. Last time they grabbed a championship in the 1989-90 season after defeating Queens Park Rangers by 2-1.

After LFC’s impressive 4-0 victory over Crystal Palace on 24th June, City needed to beat Chelsea at their home ground to delay the inevitable. The defending champions not only failed to secure three points but ended up losing to Frank Lampard’s men.

LFC enjoyed an amazing season before the COVID-19 pandemic halted the sports. They thrilled the audience with the stunning performances of the players, the impeccable chemistry, brilliant passing, and the game changing direction by the German mastermind, Jurgen Klopp. All these have led the reds to be called champions once again.

Congratulations To Liverpool For Historic Achievement

Former Liverpool player Ronnie Whelan says that the current squad will go down in history as the one of the club’s greatests

One of the former LFC managers, Rafa Benitz also expressed his happiness on this occasion. He congratulated all the reds which include the squad, boss, staff, and even fans.

Some probably knew that the LFC fans were going to be very expressive about celebration. He assured them that they deserved this victory but also advised to stay safe while having a blast. 

How Did The Reds Celebrate?

As soon as Manchester City lost the match, boys got up from their seats and congratulated each other with joy. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was showing off his muscles to show how strong this team has become over the years.

Klopp told in an interview that they had a fun night, had BBQ, watched football, and then waited for the final whistle to celebrate. He also opened up on being a good dancer as the boss and squad both had a fun night.

This was Jurgen Klopp’s dance to join the celebration with his lads

The pubs were immediately reopened in Ainfield after Liverpool’s autonomous victory but the party was not limited to the night. The squad waited to literally have the breakfast of champions:

LFC Fans’ Celebration Was Over The Top

Liverpool fans gathered outside the Anfield Football Stadium to celebrate together. They fired fireworks and sang songs all night on the streets.

This was the aftermath after they were done with Anfield

Was It Worth The Wait?

This user shared a tribute video made by B/R Football which showed how a generation of fandom had waited for this exact moment. Sadly most die-hard Liverpool fans will not be alive to witness this historic moment

Inspirational Leadership By Jurgen Klopp

This time Liverpool also had the genius of Jurgen Klopp who joined as a coach in 2015 and literally transformed the whole team within 5 years. From an inconsistent mess, it is now a dangerous force to be reckoned with. The video below honors his hard work and places him and his squad among the very best of the club.
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