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FIFA Faces Heat for Allowing Russia Play Soccer World Cup Qualifier

FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) announced recently that Russia will play the soccer world cup qualifier matches despite sanctions given the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, the Football world governing body has put certain restrictions that Russia will have to comply with in order to appear and play. Poland has refused to play against Russia and other European nations have fixated on expelling it from international football matches. FIFA has been facing heat from many nations for allowing the Russian football team to step into the international football tournament during the time of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict. Teams are reluctant to see Russia playing with them when it has inflicted war upon Ukraine.

Restrictions Against Russia to Play Soccer World Cup Qualifier

FIFA announced on Sunday that Russia will play the soccer world cup qualifier matches on neutral grounds.  The name “Football Union of Russia” will represent the team as it will not be allowed to be represented as Russia. It also stated that no anthem or flag of Russia will be showcased during the matches in the neutral fields. FIFA added that invasion of Ukraine and rigidness of teams are acknowledged therefore possible measures are underway.

European Countries Call the Decision Disgraceful and Unacceptable

On March 24th, Poland and Russia are scheduled to play in the semifinal of the soccer World Cup qualifier at VTB Arena in Moscow. However, the Polish FA sent a letter addressing the concerns to all football federations across Europe against the decision of FIFA. Polish FA President, Cezary Kulesza said that the decision to not ban Russia was unacceptable and the Poland team will not play with Russian footballers. It didn’t matter whether they were called Russia or the Football Union of Russia.

Czech Republic, Sweden, England, and Wales have also refused to play with Russia under any circumstances. The Swedish FA stated that it will support other federations to disallow Russia from playing and that it is highly disappointed by FIFA’s decision.

Bans and Sanctions against Russia 

The United States of America, the European Union and many other countries have announced several sanctions against Russia. The actions include banning all Russian aeroplanes from landing in, taking off, or overflying the territory of the EU. This also includes commercial and private jets. On Sunday, Canada also announced its decision of closing airspaces for Russia. As the UK has also implemented the same ban, Moscow is currently encountering a blockade of the continent’s skies.  The bans on Russia by several states are also going to impact the global economy. In the light of the current matter and states’ cold attitude towards Russia, the soccer world cup qualifier is the least of Russia’s concerns. According to media reports, the US and Canadian liquor stores are even throwing away the Russian vodka along with other boycotts.

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