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Forks N Knives Pizza Kitchen Is Every Foodie’s Actual Need of Hour

As a foodie and a pizza lover, I always look to try some new eateries for satiating my craving. This time I decided to get my hands on Forks N Knives Pizza Kitchen as it lies in the vicinity of my home. Earlier, I didn’t intend to review the place and its food, but after my experience, I couldn’t resist an urge to tell readers how I felt about it.

Forks N Knives Pizza Kitchen- The Best Option in Town

Being a foodie but also calories conscious person I have made a resolution to eat Pizza in Lunch or the early hours of the day due to potential benefits of eating Pizza in breakfast. So, I headed towards Forks & Knives Pizza kitchen during lunch hour at their G1 Market, Johar Town Lahore outlet.

To my surprise, the ambiance and the sitting arrangement was way too awesome. A couple of birthday parties were going on and there were areas decorated with balloons. The place sounded quite comfortable for youngsters and families, but it seemed perfect for a get together with friends.

The Quality Food at Forks N Knives Pizza Kitchen

Now coming to the main thing which is food. I tried salads and Pizza, and I will have to admit that both were tasty. The salads were fresh, and perfect to serve the purpose of appetizers. But, the real winner was fajita Pizza; a combination of olives, onions, smoked chicken and mushrooms. The balanced spices had made them a mixed treat sort of.

A fascinating thing about Forks N Knives Chicken Pizza is that there is no mismatch of taste between crust and toppings. You feel them very well amalgamated to each other; something which also attracts Desi food lovers.

A Place to Hang Out with Friends and Family

Forks N Knives Pizza Kitchen is the perfect place for going with both friends and family, but it is best for hanging out with friends. Those who relatively like calm places that don’t have much noise may not prefer going there, but the good thing is that its halls are not much congested and a couple of birthday parties going on, may not prove a distraction.

Forks & Knives Kitchen Pizza Events

Apart from the ambiance the Forks N Knives Pizza Kitchen indeed offers the best pizza in town. Those living or working in the vicinity can order food from this outlet to their homes and workplace. Foodies can also benefit from various friends and family deals. Hence price is not an issue.

Overall, the place has excellent food quality, an excellent service quality, are the attributes that make it a must visit restaurant in town.

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