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Canada Legalizing Cannabis Now But Simpsons Predicted it Long Before

Canada Legalizing Cannabis is making headlines on media websites and tabloids. The country is the first among of the major world economies and second after Uruguay to legalize recreational marijuana.

A wave of excitement overwhelmed the communities in Canada after they bought their first legal joint. And, the stores saw a long queue of people waiting to buy legal cannabis.

While the world was talking about how Canada legalizing cannabis will impact the country’s social, economic and cultural fabric, people were quick to point out how favorite American season Simpsons had predicted the event.¬†Interestingly, Simpsons had made this prediction 13 years ago, back in 2005. And, it is no less than astonishing.

Simpsons Predicting Canada Legalizing Cannabis

The Simpsons prediction about Canada legalizing Cannabis was made in the episode “Midnight Rx” where Grandpa Simpsons and Apu visit Canada to buy some cheaper prescription drugs that are expensive in the United States.

In the episode, Ned Flanders meets his Canadian doppelganger and gets offered Marijuana by being told that “It’s legal here.” Well, Ned doesn’t accept the offer and turns his face after a grimace.

Let’s look at this epic predictive scene in the following Youtube video.


Other Simpsons Predictions

It is to be noted that Simpsons has not only predicted about Canada legalizing Cannabis. The animated sitcom which remained on the air for thirty years is famous for predicting Donald Trump as President of the United States.

The Simpsons had also predicted the outbreak of Ebola epidemic. The show is said to have predicted 9/11 in the form of a Magazine cover that showed number 9 and twin towers in the manner that they were symbolic of eleven. And, there were many other things like a Burger King horse meat scandal, grease theft scandal and many other such things, which had direct or indirect connections with it.

It can all be attributed to the genius of Simpsons’ scriptwriter.

Impact of Canada Legalizing Cannabis

Now, we know the Simpsons had predicted the Canada legalizing cannabis, we might need to watch previous episodes to check if it talked about anything related to impacts of legalization. The world has already started looking at Canada how this legislation will affect different segments of society. It is to be noted that legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada has some restrictions, particularly related to precautionary measures while driving. While Canada has legalized cannabis in the country, the citizens are still restricted from taking it with them to other countries.

Here are some other Simpson predictions for you.


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