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Does The Generation Lawn Ad Promote Cycling In Pakistan?

It’s the summer season in Pakistan and clothing brands have launched their lawn collection. Each one is coming with creative advertisements to promote their products. Sometimes, the brands also send across a specific message through their ads. These messages can either be inspirational or can go absolutely wrong on so many levels. One such ad surfaced on social media that appeared to be promoting inclusive transport in Pakistan. The company’s name is Generation and it is a popular luxury brand for traditional women clothing. In the ad, some women appeared to be joyfully riding a bicycle in traditional summer lawn clothing. Cycling is the most common sport in summer but in Pakistan it is not very popular due to improper infrastructure. One cannot assume if the Generation lawn ad promotes cycling while leaving few questions unanswered.

How Can Generation Lawn Ad Promote Inclusive Transport?

Most of the population in Pakistan faces involuntary transport disadvantages that adds to the already growing social inequity. Some countries have developed the proper traffic management system while others remained extremely behind such as Pakistan. It may have welcomed a variety of vehicles but failed to create a viable infrastructure that could preserve the environment from these machines.

Even the generation lawn ad failed to address this issue in a message that seemed to promoting cycling. The ad showed a scenic location where there was no traffic but a bunch of girls riding a bicycle in Generations’ collection of new summer lawn. The ad highlighted the clothing designs perfectly but failed to address the issue of cycling in Pakistan.

The women cyclists seem to be riding on an empty road in a prairie and boreal area, which does not imply inclusive transport. It also did not seem that the brand wanted to promote the solution for transport disadvantages in Pakistan. Alternatively, it could have shown a busy road, which would have been the accurate representation of diverse Pakistani traffic.

Growing Advocacy For Cycling In Pakistan

The reality of traffic in Pakistan is largely different from the location in the advertisement. The reason why Pakistan needs cycling is to reduce man-made carbon footprint on Earth. The air pollution from various type of vehicles continue to damage the conservative environment of Pakistan. Yet, there is a little action for providing suitable infrastructure for riding bikes instead of just focusing on heavy traffic. Engine-based vehicles continue to grow while light transport faces increasing disadvantages. Moreover, the pollution not only rests with air, water, soil, or noise, it also includes the character of people. Some are judgmental and offensive towards women drivers while others derail those on cycle. Generation lawn ad did a good job of combing these two elements and showing women cyclists. It just did not get the message across except the brand’s fresh summer lawn collection.

Its discrimination for a particular group of people, who are left out of transport planning based on their gender or social standing. Despite what the ad infers, the Pakistani transport system is less inclusive when it come to considering all social classes and genders.

Purpose Of Promotion By Luxury Brands

The idea to promote cycling in the urban setting is a great way to spread awareness about environment friendly modes of transport. In addition, it can be inclusive at the same time to close the transport disadvantages of industrialization. In that sense, the brand has failed to encourage the use of cycle as a green and healthy way of transport for both the environment and the person. It is just like other luxury clothing brands who have made similar mistake of ignoring detail in their ads.

Last year another luxury brand made an ad where teachers dressed in branded lawn were teaching in government schools. It is also far from reality as people criticized it for not being inclusive of all social classes. Salaries are relatively less in government schools, which is why it was hard for the public to accept that ad as serious. Same is the case with generation lawn ad.

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