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German Ambassador Gives Tips to Fight Water Crisis in Pakistan

The water crisis in Pakistan is becoming a bigger threat than terrorism. Social media activists are calling out government to build dams and increase the storage capacity of the water reservoirs. Amidst all this roar from the social media on the necessity of saving water, emerged the tweets from the German ambassador Martin Kobler. The diplomat who is winning over the Pakistanis through his series of relatable tweets had some insightful tip to offer for dealing with the problem of the water crisis.

German Ambassador On Water Crisis in Pakistan

Martin Kobler, Germany’s ambassador to Pakistan who is making waves on social media for his obvious affinity with Pakistani culture has come up with some wise tips to fight the water crisis in Pakistan.

In a series of tweets, Martin Kobler has shown himself using a water bucket to wash his foxy and a cup of water to brush his teeth.

Here is what Cobler had to say in his tweets.

Twitterati in Pakistan applauded the Kobler’s endeavor to inspire the community for saving water.

Here is what they had to say.

On Disposing Of Untreated Sewage

It seems that Martin Kobler doesn’t only care about the water crisis in Pakistan. The man is also making people conscious of the environmental hazards by spreading awareness of the issue. In his tweet he talked about the garbage problem of Karachi and how it is affecting the marine life as almost 500 million gallons of untreated trash is disposed of the sea.

On Mixing Up With Pakistanis

An overview of the Twitter account of Mr. Kobler reveals that he is winning over the hearts of Pakistanis, as he showed up at the airport in Pakistani cultural dress shalwar kameez.

And, this is not the all. Kobler is also planning to decorate his foxy with popular Pakistani truck art.

Kobler has also visited the Northen areas of Pakistan. He uploaded the pictures of him and his wife on a trip to Shigar valley in Gilgit Baltistan.

Kobler who has now 47 thousand visitors is not simply spreading awareness about fighting the water crisis in Pakistan, but he is also connecting to the people of the country by sharing relatable things.

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