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German Exchange Student Gets Booted Out Of India for Protesting

Indian authorities have asked a German exchange student to leave India after he was photographed protesting against the citizen’s amendment Act. Since Indian parliament passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill people from different factions, irrespective of their religion have come out in droves to protest against it for it is reminiscent of Nazi era.


German Exchange Student Gets Ousted For Protesting 

Jakob Lindenthal, a German exchange student who was pursuing a master’s degree in physics from IIT, which is one of India’s most prestigious university, was asked to leave thecountry by the Indian immigration authority.

For those of you who don’t know the Citizen Amendment Act (CAA) is a piece of legislation that apparently allows persecuted Hindus,Sikhs. Jains, Christians, Parsees and Jains from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh citizenship of India . At the same time demands illegal emigrant residing to leave India or people failing present documentation showing proof that their ancestors were Indians.

Contrary to the Indian government’s claims, some leading figures with a profound understanding of the law believe this is another step taken by the Modi Sarkar to get rid of Muslims.

Now according to the constitution of Indian, everybody has the right to free speech. To ask somebody to leave the vicinity let alone the country just because his thoughts don’t coincide with yours is wrong so a formal apology should be given to the German exchange student.

The First Victim Has Come Forth

For some, the true nature of CAA is already starting to manifest itself, and the first victim of the horrible acts has come forth.

According to some Indians, only the citizens of India have the right to criticize or protest in India. Foreigners have no right to participate in the political system of India and hence should mind their own business.

One Twitter User While Commenting On The Matter Had This To Say

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