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Some Unique Ideas to Ensure Your Happiness in Year 2020

The decade of 2010 is finally coming to an end. It is time of the year when people try to let bygones be bygones and look forward to a better future by making New Year’s Resolution. Unfortunately, most of the times these New Year Resolutions don’t work because they aim at a bigger picture and lack an ability to become practical. Now when the year 2020 is just approaching only concern people have is how to make their near future less stressful, more prosperous and productive.

If looked upon with a productive approach, one thing becomes evident that making bigger plans while ignoring the ground realities doesn’t simply work. Therefore, one must look for small, realistic and achievable goals that help make life easier.

Staying More Happy in Year 2020

Let’s have a look at what can be these ideas which are not difficult to substantiate.

Adopt A Hobby

Make this little change in your everyday routine. At the beginning of the new year pledge yourself to spend your time on some productive and enriching activity. This can be reading book (poetry, prose, novel or related to history, politics, philosophy or anything). If your routine is too hectic and you don’t think reading on daily basis would be possible for you then try assigning at least 30 minutes to this hobby. You will see that gradually your new routine will become a mind relaxing therapy for you.

Learn Something New

Education is a necessary part of someone’s grooming. Therefore, this year make an attempt to enlighten yourself by learning something new; this can be something related to a world phenomena or a skill that can help you in future.

Spend Less Time on Social Media

If you are habitual of stcolling your social media news feed too much and looking at what others are up to then this activity is detrimental for your mental health. While, those who are sharing updates of their life might not really be toxic or may not have any real intentions to make you feel envious they still have a lot do in making you feel inferior, indirectly. Therefore, try to spend lessor time on social media as it prevents you from making unnecessary comparisons with other.

Write A Diary

Writing is just a cathartic activity. It helps you vent your feelings out without letting anyone else know or without hurting someone’s sentiments. This year make it a habbit to write about your feelings. This can be in the form or maintaining a journal or a diary in which you can write about your daily routine or an occasional use of pen and paper to document what is worth it.

Save Money

You don’t necessarily have to earn in millions in order to save big. You might not be earning much and still get to save some bucks. Just make sure that you set aside some portion of your earnings for future even if it is one penny at the end of a week.

Make Small Travel Plans

Travelling doesn’t mean you should only pay visits to hill stations or eye at holiday destinations that require spending huge money. You can choose to travel with groups to nearby destinations that offer a lot to explore. Travelling to places you have never seen before will be key to stay happy in year 2020.

Make A Small Goal for Your Professioal or Personal Life

Making small goals to achieve big is one of the time tested New Year’s eve ideas that seems best for year 2020 too.

Don’t eye at achieving too big like getting a job that offers six digits salary or something like that. Just reflect upon yourself and see where do you stand. First hold yourself accountable, have a look at your shortcomings and then try to make up for them. Consequently, make small goals to make you feel accomplished in one way and other. Finally, move forward towards achieving what you have dreamed for. Making small goals to achieve big is a time tested New Year’s eve ideas that seems best for year 2020 too.

Farrukh has been writing blogs since 2006. He has the ability to write in-depth and well researched pieces of content. He has an analytical mind and a keen interest in writing on cultural and traditional issues. Farrukh brings wealth of experience to the HoursTV.com team.
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