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7 Fantastic Ideas to Make 2018 a Unique Year of Your Life

A New Year doesn’t mean just another 365 days period. It is an opportunity to write another chapter in the book of your life. You only have an empty canvas waiting for you to spread new colors. Selection of these colors is purely up to you. So, New Year is just another chance to bring out your creativity, discover your potential and explore yourself. 2018 can be a unique year of your life if you avail all these opportunities.

Well, you are not going to read something on the importance of making the New Year’s resolutions. You should not be compelled or enforced to choose something new. Even an attempt to do something unique shouldn’t come at the expense of joy and happiness in your life.

So, here are the ideas that can make 2018 a unique year of your life.

  1. Don’t Worry About Your Long Term Goals

Worries about future may account for most of the depression and stress you may face. Making long-term goals is a good idea but setting eyes on them without taking smaller steps often leads to the frustration. This year, try to achieve your goals with a more realistic approach. If you want to reach somewhere, then take your time. Outline a plan to devise all the necessary things that you need to accomplish for achieving something significant. So figure out, what are those smaller steps that you need to take for climbing up the ladder of success.

  1. Try to Stay Away from Materialistic World

If you are not much a materialistic person, then you can choose something different. But fascination towards materialism is also a cause of depression. Very often it increases the sense of competition only due to social pressure. Most of the times, competitiveness has nothing to do with personal satisfaction. So try to stay away from anything which makes your frustrated.

  1. Stay near Nature to have a really unique year ahead

Do you know why Rose Bowl Parade 2018 is going to be a popular new year’s event? Because it allows people to welcome New Year in a more natural way. There is no right companion than nature; this doesn’t mean you should leave your work and move to some hill station. Spending your holidays in hilly areas is an excellent idea. But being near to nature means to enjoy the little things. You can get up early in the morning to enjoy the sunshine. You can take few extra minutes to feast upon the sight of the sunset. Or you can just take leisure trolls in a nearby park, on the weekend.

  1. Read Some Books

Reading books is a perfect way of making the mind free from many distractions. Good things about the books are that they are on every subject. It doesn’t matter what fascinates you. It can be history, philosophy, fiction, novel, myth or mysteries or anything that may appeal you. So, make a plan to read at least one book.

  1. Walk on Your Way to Home

A walk on your way to home is capable of doing magic. You never know how blissful it can be to reach your destination on foot, if possible. It allows you to look what is happening around and enjoy some real-life scenes. Further, walking can make you lose some extra pounds without making any effort. Make sure your goal of a unique year includes this plan as well.

  1. Do Meditation

2018 a Unique YearThere is no right way than meditation for doing a thoughts-detox. Take out at least 5-10 minutes out of your busy schedule to concentrate and build focus. Such practice would also enable you to solve many riddles while freeing your mind from some useless thoughts. It should be on the list of your new year’s resolutions if you believe in making any.

  1. Bring Smile on At Least One Face

If you really want 2018 to be a unique year of your life, then do something for others. It doesn’t mean spending thousands on charity. You can begin by listening to a depressed soul or sharing the problems of folks around you. Knowing that you are a cause of bringing a smile on someone’s face is a real achievement in itself.


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