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Letter from Her Father Makes Fan Think If Gigi Hadid Has Given Birth

Gigi Hadid’s dad started a fan frenzy after he shared a handwritten letter regarding her daughter’s pregnancy. It seemed like he was implying that Gigi Hadid gave birth to her first child with Zayn Malik. He deleted the original post on Instagram but fans were quick to make a copy of it and spread it all across social media.

It was not possible for everyone to clearly understand what was written in the letter. Someone took the liberty to re-write it in a digital form which can be more readable for the Gen-Z. The letter was addressed to the baby which confused the fans in thinking that the baby had actually arrived.

A Letter that Made Everyone Think That Gigi Hadid Gave Birth

Many fans freaked out with the news and started sending congratulations under that post. Papa Hadid clarified later in the comment section that it is not the case. The cascade of comments from eager fans might have led the big man to eventually delete his lovely letter.

Gigi’s mother gave interview to the media in April in which she mentioned her excitement to welcome the baby in September. Hence, the fans are tagging along in this excitement and will carry on to count each day of September until the baby is finally born.

Fans Reaction After Reading The Letter

Rumors were imminent after the suggestive letter but it can prove dangerous for the fans with critical heart conditions

And they were just imagining the couple being together as such a crucial moment. People are so obsessed with Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s couple and become emotional while romanticizing certain feelings about them as this user did.

Their imagination also took them inside the delivery room where they pictured Zayn Malik singing a song to the little one.

The “congratulation” comments kept on coming which meant that many people still did not find out about the real story.

Fans were restless to see how the baby looked. One cannot imagine the pain they would have felt after knowing they were congratulating the unborn baby.

Fans Reaction Upon Realizing The Truth

After so many rumors circulating about the arrival of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s baby, people might not even believe the actual news whenever it comes out.

Some fans imagined how Gigi would be feeling after looking at so many overjoyed comments from the fans.

They had to face some embarrassment after broadcasting the rumor that Gigi Hadid gave birth.

Some did not bother about the rumors and sent the greeting anyway due to their feverish love for the couple.

The Celebrity Couple Wanted To Make Less Noise About The Pregnancy

Gigi and Zain mostly kept their relationship private. It is not even clear if the couple is married or not but there are several hints on the Instagram. Some fans believe that they are married while other do not bother and appreciate the couple for whatever they represent.

They had been in an on and off relationship since 2015. She first time announced her pregnancy in May 2020 on the online episode of The Tonight Show. However, she explicitly mentioned that there are much more pressing issues going on in the world right now and her pregnancy did not need to brighten the limelight.

Most of their fans respect their privacy about the relationship but there are some fans who just cannot contain their excitement so easily. Apparently Papa Hadid was only communicating with his unborn grandchild. Maybe he wanted the child to learn how to read, starting with that letter (well best of luck for the baby).

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