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A Guide to Gym Workouts For Women To Lose Weight

Let’s admit it; the Sedentary lifestyle has made everyone fitness conscious more than ever. Further, it is an increased trend of hitting the gym and sharing of the pictures of the well-carved body on social media, which has also made people worry about their body image. Women who used to do crash dieting or starved themselves for becoming lean, are also trying tough exercises now. Well, there are several gym workouts for women, but they need a great deal of precaution.

Effective Gym Workouts for Women

When it comes to workout, then there are a lot of options for women to consider. Even, they don’t need to hit the gym and can perform few exercises at home. And, one such easy thing that women can do is the Zumba dance workout which is a kind of aerobic exercise in trend.

Well, gym workouts for women, then it doesn’t necessarily mean how many bench press, lunges, dumbbell liftings one should do. It is more about acting upon specific tips to avoid any possible catastrophe.

1. Doing Cardio

Cardio exercises are a necessary part of gym workouts. Typically, they involve walking or running for at least 30 minutes. While doing indoor activities one should do cardio in the form of bicycle exercise or treadmill- both are suitable but former is perfect for losing belly fat.

But, don’t go for bicycle exercise before a warm-up. In fact, the fundamental purpose of a cardio workout is to warm the body up. In the beginning, you must give at least 30 minutes for a warm-up exercise before starting your work out and then at least 30 minutes to wrap up. You can choose the same exercise to cool yourself down. For example, if you were doing bench presses with higher intensity then consider doing them with lower intensity as a wrap-up exercise.

2. Cardio Between Work Out

Many gym workouts for women that talk about a seven days plan, usually have one thing in common. They are like one day for exercise and one day for cardio. So, even if you are doing cardio on daily bases as part of warmup and wrap up, and you should do it, then still you have to consider doing cardio after one day. Let’s suppose on one day you are doing upper body exercise, the next day you should do cardio, and the day after the next you should do the work out for the core.

3. Put Your Muscles to Rest

Either you are building on the body mass or losing the weight your gym workout must have intervals to avoid the fatigue, pain or to teach your muscles what they are doing. So make sure not to put too much strain on your muscles.

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