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Organizations Helping Palestinian Youth Find Jobs

The high level of unemployment in Palestine is a source of frustration for the Palestinian youth. The closure policies of the state of Israel create all sorts of problems for the Palestinian youth. The Palestinian youth currently faces an unemployment rate of 29 percent. The wage difference is also huge, earning reasonable amount of money next to impossible.

Organizations Helping Young Palestinians

However, in all this doom and gloom some organizations are making a difference in the lives of the Palestinian youth. They are coming up with positive initiatives that enable the youth to become successful in their lives by earning a sustainable livelihood.


Giz helps the government of Germany in finding new opportunities to contribute to sustainable development initiatives. The organization is achieving this objective by training the youth to become employable. The humanitarian organization offers demand-driven training opportunities as per the demands of the job market. This approach increases the probability of finding the right jobs that match the skills set of the Palestinian youth. Giz provides training in various fields including Electrical Engineering, Business Administration, and IT. The initiatives by Giz have helped many young people find job opportunities.  

Education for Employment

The Education for Employment initiative offers support by solving the root problem of lack of education and training. It provides training to the youth to help it qualify for the available jobs in the market. The EFE initiative also focuses on promoting budding entrepreneurs to become more successful. It also supports the Palestinian youth qualify for freelance gigs. The young people can find jobs where no other job seekers are competing to get those gigs. Close to 900 employers have hired the people graduating from the EFE. Some of the world’s leading organizations support EFE including big brands like Microsoft, Facebook, and Accenture.


Fursati is mainly focusing on providing freelancing jobs to the Palestinian youth. The businesses can outsource their work to the young people by temporarily filling the available positions. They can get quality resource at affordable costs. These organizations can also experiment with low-cost investment initiatives. Fursati helps the freelancers by paying the fee for the wire transfer. Fursati finds talent from the freshly graduated university students. These young individuals are motivated to perform to the best of their abilities and add value through job-relevant skills. The young graduates can earn money from their homes without needing any physical space to sit and work in. Fursati also helps them improve their chances of getting hired by assisting in developing their resume and cover letter.

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