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Imran Khan’s Interview Calls Him Wrath of Feminists

PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf) chief Imran Khan who is the strong candidate for election 2018 is once again facing criticism from the liberals. The politician is already under hot waters for wasting his time lamenting about rigging in 2013 elections, bashing the government and running the movement to send the elected PM home, rather than focusing on his performance in KP (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) during his 5-years regime in the province. Recently, Imran Khan’s interview with a private news channel in Pakistan called him the wrath of feminists due to what is deemed as derogatory remarks against the women.

Imran Khan’s Interview on Feminism

Imran Khan’s interview caught the attention of feminists on social media when he said that feminism in the west had degraded the role of mother.

Many Twitter users criticized PTI chief’s interview and questioned his opinion.

Criticism on Khan’s Remarks

Social media activists came up with robust arguments to rebut Khan’s opinions. They talked about how the movement had made women in the west to achieve their rights and helped them to be the better moms, who also worked to support themselves financially.

Social media users also expressed that there was no need to be surprised on Imran Khan’s interview statement with Amber Shamsi, as the man was already known for saying such things from throughout his political career.

Khan’s Inability to Handle Questions

Apart from his controversial opinions on feminism, Imran Khan’s interview with BBC anchor Zainab Badawi also made him talk of the town for his ability to handle tricky questions. In response to the Zainab’s questions on how much PTI worked for the improvement of the health and education sector and how many jobs the party created while it was in government, Khan only talked about how his party’s popularity in the province had increased.

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