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How Trump- Kim Summit Was Nothing More Than Publicity Stunt

It has not been so long since the US President Donald Trump, and North Korean President Kim-Jong un, were threatening each other for nuclear attacks. And, now both leaders are making headlines for shaking hands and negotiating in a bid to give peace a chance. The historic Trump- Kim summit which critics are saying is nothing more than a publicity stunt by President Trump, has its own shortcomings.

An insight into the conclusions of the summit can give a better idea of whether the move was worth giving the peace a chance or it was just Trump’s attempts to match Obama by winning Noble Peace Prize.

The conclusion of Trump- Kim Summit

According to media reports, both leaders have signed an agreement in Singapore, according to which North Korea has shown commitment to work on complete denuclearization. But again, analysts and critics are saying that there has been no mention of specific commitments. Therefore, it can’t be said if North Korea will move to denuclearization or not.

The most stunning move at the summit was President Trump’s announcement about ending the provocative war games (army exercises that take place in South Africa). The military drills help the United States to be in the state of readiness, against any potential attack from North Korea.

Talking on the stopping of  military drills Trump reportedly said, “We will be saving a tremendous amount of money, plus I think it’s very provocative.”

According to media reports, US President also told that North Korea had agreed on destroying a significant missile engine testing site. Earlier, in 2017 North Korea had launched an ICBM capable of hitting the US anywhere. The launch had raised concerns among the United States and the globe as a potential threat to World Peace.

As far as the sanctions are on North Korea are concerned, then they will not be lifted until denuclearization of the country.

Criticism on the Summit

Analysis of the opinion by social media users and critics reveals that all these points of the agreements are not worth. Critics are raising two points on the denuclearization point; first, they don’t think that Kim Jong-un to easily agree upon destroying its country’s nuclear facilities. Further, analysts are also pointing out that North Korean dictator has not made any specific commitments. Therefore, one can’t say if North Korea will move ahead with denuclearization.

There is also an opinion that Trump’s move to end the war game may be controversial, as military drills prepared the US against a crazy dictator. Ending of war games may not be necessarily a controversy but a positive step towards peacemaking efforts. If the United States’ attempt to stop the war games, makes North Korea halt its nuclear drive then the move is worth it.

But the issue is there is no surety if Kim Jong-un will destroy the nuclear sites and de-weaponize its country given his hard stance.

On Shaking Hands With A Dictator

The US President Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba and his shaking hand with President Raul Castro had made him earn harsh criticism from conservative, as he had attempted to reconcile with a dictator. Recent Trump- Kim Summit has given birth to a similar scenario. Not only liberals but also some conservatives are slamming Trump for reaching out to a dictator who is involved in gross human rights violations and whose regime is marked by censorship on the citizens in various fields of life.

If the US President wants to improve its image that was distorted best in the Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury and wants to work for the peace, then he must work to end the American proxy wars in the world. And, should put a ban on manufacturing and sale of weapons that not only provoke wars but take away many precious lives.

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