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Why Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury is Making Trump Furious?

Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury finally gets released on Friday, ahead of its scheduled release on Tuesday. It portrays the chaotic life of the US President Donald Trump in White House. It also debunks the reality of Trump’s relation to her wife Melania Trump and his controversial thoughts on his sons.

The White House has strongly refuted the claims by labeling the book a fabrication. It seems that revelations that Michael Wolff have made are a serious matter that Trump doesn’t want the world to know. At least, this is what his stern take on this subject shows.

What is, Fire and Fury?

The American writer, columnist, and journalist, Michael Wolff claim to conduct 200 taped interviews for writing his Fire and Fury. So, the book is likely to contain quotes from Trump’s present and past insiders, including the notable names like Steve Bannon. It has come in the time when Donald Trump is about to complete his one year in White House. Although there is no lack of controversies surrounding the Donald Trump, Fire and Fury has revealed some unexpected things as well.

Fire and Fury

Here are the top 5 Leaks in the book which can further erode the image of Trump.

1. Melania Felt Sad about Trump’s Win

According to reports, Michael Wolff book revealed that Melania never wanted Trump to win for the president. After the Electoral College’s decision, she couldn’t help weeping .Her tear was by no means, an expression of happiness and joy.

2. Melania and Trump Lived Apart in Trump Towers

From all of the Trump’s wives, his relationship with Melania has often made headlines. Fire and Fury, reveals that Melania and Trump didn’t live together in Trump Towers. The first lady then kept on switching the rooms while Trump moved between his residences.

3. Ivanka Wanted to be the First Female President

Americans people tell very well if they can choose Ivanka over Hillary or not. According to the ‘furious’ book, Ivanka Trump wanted to be the first woman president of the United States.

4. Trump’s Team was Shocked by His Win

Many of the revelations in book indicate that Trump and his team didn’t expect the win. In fact, the election result horrified the Trump’s assistants.

5. Ivanka Mocked Her Father’s Hairstyle

Well, we don’t know if it is an actual revelation or not. But the book also told the world that Ivanka Trump mocked her father for his hairstyle and elaborated to her friends why comb his hair this way.

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