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Here Are Some Of The Best Donald Trump Memes In June 2020

With all the pain and suffering going on around the world, these Donald Trump memes can surely provide some satisfactory gags. Arguably one of the most criticized Presidents in the history of America is also a source of stinging entertainment.

Backdrop Of Donald Trump Memes Going Viral on Twitter

President Trump received massive backlash after giving orders to attack protestors. The US mass protests started after a black man, George Floyd was murdered by a white police officer. This crime is a result of structural racism in America. Demonstrations have been getting very intense in recent days due to lack of leadership qualities in today’s leaders. POTUS responded in a way that was further infuriating for the majority.

The memes somehow condemn the president’s stance and the actions of authorities surrounding the Geroge Floyd case. President is continuing to encourage violence by using force against protestors rather than devising strategy against structural racism in America.

Is America Truly Free?

This is one of the many Donald Trump memes that accuses his regime for the main reason for George Floyd’s murder. Recently, America is more often going against the one thing it claims to stand for: liberty. This also hints at Donald Trump wanting to establish dictatorship in America.

President Trump Compared To Ex President

A user replied to President Trump’s tweet which was referring to some similarities between him and ex president, Barack Obama. The comparison shared by President Trump did not hold any value against the actual statistical differences between both candidates.

Another user did the same comparison which differentiated between the qualities of a leader and a boss.

There were few leaders who were liked by majority of people like the former POTUS Barack Obama

President Trump Compared To A Dictator

One user shares a more logical comparison with the Supreme Leader of South Korea, Kim Jong-Un. It seems like that both take their photo ops more seriously then the public interests.

People shared their excitement in memes when Kim Jong-Un was presumed dead a while ago

Hypocrisy Corrected

This user brilliantly edited an old Donald Trump’s tweet for supporting civil protests in Iran. This looks much more grounded to reality

Cartoonist Bashes President Trump

Cartoonist with a vision of a new trump tower

Cartoonists also bashed the trump photo op after the president gravely mishandled the protest situation

Mediator, Seriously?

People also doubt that POTUS is capable of mediating anything when he is constantly failing to do something about the ingrained racism of America.

Facism Enablers

It is sad that during the George Floyd torture and murder on the street, the colleagues of the killer cop stood idly by and did nothing. Now people call out that same thing is happening with the administration  

These are the values of facism that seem synonymous with Trump’s administration along with many other nations in the world.

Equal And Opposite Reaction

This user addresses President trump that this backlash storm by Donald Trump Memes are also a form of protest by digitally active people.

Everybody Wants This Shirt

It might be another way of saying that Donald Trump must spare America from his leadership. It is clear that the majority is becoming increasingly hostile against Trump.

Strike Thee With Great Vengeance

American comedian and television host Jimmy Kimmel edited the President’s bible photo op outside the historic church. In the show he implied that God is surely watching over by striking Donald Trump with lightning for troubling so many people.

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