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iPhone 8 Leaks – New Details Come to Light

Mix iPhone 8 leaks are coming out from different quarters of the Apple followers. The new phone will have up to the expectations of the cult iPhone following. Let us have a look at the details we have so far.

iPhone 8 Leaks Confirm a Bigger Phone

iPhone 8 Leaks - New Details Come To LightThe iPhone 8 leaks suggest the phone have a larger screen. The previous iPhone 7 had dimensions of 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm. The new iPhone 8 leaks suggest the dimensions to be around 143.59 x 70.94 x 7.57 mm. It means we will have an iPhone 8 bigger in all dimensions (Length, Width, & Height).

Some phone enthusiasts are even creating a side-by-side comparison to try to give an estimate. The more creative of Apple fans even created an iPhone 8 image comparing it with Samsung Galaxy S8.  If Apple is planning to increase the display of iPhone 8, wonder the type of display we will see for the iPhone 9.

iPhone 8 Leaks Suggest Bezel-less Design

The competition between Samsung and Apple smartphone intensifies with each passing day. Earlier we saw a bezel-less design for the Samsung Galaxy S8. The new Apple iPhone 8 leaks suggest a bezel-less design too. It also means that Apple may be looking to launch an iPhone 8 with a wrap-around display. The OLED technology’s ability to support curved screens makes bezel-less designs more of a possibility.

Rear Fingerprint Scanner

There is no certainty in the new iPhone 8 leaks if there will be a rear fingerprint scanner or not. Earlier rumors suggested that the new iPhone 8 will have a rear fingerprint scanner. However, some new leaks indicate that Apple may not add rear fingerprint scanner.

Many smartphone users do not like a rear fingerprint scanner as it clutters with their phone usage experience. Some other leaks suggest that Apple may integrate the fingerprint scanner onto the screen. If that rumor becomes real, it will be interesting to see how that would impact the touch screen.

Vertical Dual Lens Camera

The new iPhone 8 leaks confirm the previous vertical dual lens rumors.  The vertical dual lens camera is also known as a stereo camera. The dual lens camera imitates the binocular vision of the humans. The dual camera lets the users take three-dimensional images.

Two cameras can also enable the user to capture images and videos simultaneously. Some main advantages of dual lens camera include better focus and refocus ability, improved picture clarity, and greater depth in pictures.

Expected Variants of the iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 leaks also suggest that Apple plans to launch the phone in three different sizes. The new iPhone will reportedly come in sizes of 4.7 inches, 5.5 inches, and 5.8 inches. Apple understands the industry well and the various profitable segments it offers. Apple will try to cash in on all of these segments by providing different variants of the iPhone 8.

Notable Upgrades to the iPhone 8 and Price Range

Apple is cognizant of the ever rising bar of its customers’ expectations. The new iPhone 8 leaks suggest the company may give out a new iOS 11 version for its new phone. The leaks also suggest the phone feature A11 chipset and an OLED screen.

The price speculators estimate the iPhone price to be more than $1000. Also, the iPhone 8 will feature wireless charging and 3D depth sensing front camera.

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