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Why is Apple Cutting Down on iPhone SE 3 Production Across the Globe?

Apple previously planned to make 25-30 million iPhone SE 3 phones, but recently, it has decided to cut down on the production of the devices. Now, it will be making 20% fewer models, which means shipping only 15-20 million SE 3 mobiles in 2022. Reports are indicating a bunch of factors contributing to the lower rate of production and selling the latest version across the world.

iPhone SE 3 Production Shortage

Given the current circumstances based on the shortage of electronics, especially chipsets, many might assume that Apple’s iPhone SE 3 is probably falling behind in its supply chain. But this isn’t the only case because the tech giant has ample hardware material to produce more than expected devices, reportedly. One of the major problems that the company is currently encountering is the less demand for the latest budget-focused iPhone SE 3. The analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo pointed out the major setback regarding the production of the phone. The noted analyst calculated that the making of fewer phones would witness a 22 and 66 percent decrease in production for the year.

Besides, why is apple’s low-budget smartphone is facing an unexpected downfall is the real question to ask.

Low Demand for SE 3

Several reasons can account for the lower demand for the iPhone SE 3 model. Reportedly, Russia and Ukraine’s conflict harming the supply chain, a lockdown in China, and a pandemic across the globe are the supposed reasons for people not being able to buy the SE 3. However, Apple users are being rigid towards buying a phone that seems to be incompetent with its other competitors. The 3rd edition is more expensive than its predecessor due to the addition of 5G and a few other models with better performance features. Also, this is the only latest apple phone with a home button, Touch ID, and edgy borders with a 4.7-inch screen. Although, the phone is equipped with an A15 Bionic chip that makes it faster than many and an energy-efficient device. Its price stands at $429 with a storage capacity of 64GB. The additional specs with outdated shape confuse the users regarding their preferences for SE 3 and other new iPhone models. Moreover, the iPhone SE 3 vs iPhone 11 comparison, and iPhone 12 and 13 mini’s similar budget are also what make people think twice before choosing SE 3. This is because the features of these devices are nearly identical but the cost structure is the big problem maker.

Shortage of Other Apple Products

Apple is known for its sufficient electronic hardware supplies as it has never seen any shortage in that area. However, 2022 isn’t the finest year for the company since its latest product iPhone SE 3 is falling behind in terms of customer demands. Other than that,           the company has also reduced the production of AirPods by 10%. Thus, the users of Apple products might get disappointed with the shortage of their desired gadgets.

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