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Is Elden Ring One of the Best Action RPG Games of All Time?

Soul games including Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are known for the difficulty that not all gamers can play. Similarly, Elden Ring is seemingly one of the top action RPG games of the soul series. As per several gamers, the recently released sequel is a role-playing game only for those who have an eye for the best challenging and mind-twisting games.  

Souls Action RPG Games Vs Elden Ring

Almost all the Souls Action RPG games have a similar genre which includes action, thrill, gothic settings, and quests to solve with enemies interfering. However, the biggest difference between the latest instalment and the previous games is that Elden Ring allows gamers to explore the entire map of the game. This means that the title is an open-world game in which the player will encounter the missions while roaming everywhere in the game.

Elden Ring Is Good for Newbies

All the Souls games have the maximum level of difficulty that the players with the fondness towards elite trouble enjoy. However, the trailer of the game reveals that new players can play it easily since it is not much problem in terms of features. For example, the players have stealth ability in the game that the users can activate to pass by the enemies without making noise or getting the attention of the monsters. While using stealth, the players can bring out their blades to end the enemy. Other than that, the armour is new in the game that protects the gamers from losing health frequently. Aside from being one of the best action RPG games, the masterpiece has been designed for almost all gamers with mixed gaming abilities.

Best Feature of Elden Ring

As the game is another part of the Souls series which encompasses the most difficult games of all time, many of its features, as well as plot, is a bit similar to its predecessors. In the game, the player can call the support of other members to fight the villains. This seems to be the finest feature of the game, according to some gamers. Upon the boss’s attempts, one can summon at least one player for help at a time. There is a reason that it is believed to be one of the best action RPG games, and that is its support system provided by fellow players in the game. These NPC (non-playable characters) can help users slow down the enemies even if they don’t do much damage to the monsters.

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