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Why is HBO Series Euphoria a New Hot Topic on Social Media?

The HBO series Euphoria is the second most-watched season on HBO after Game of Thrones. Many social media users are fussing about the two seasons of Euphoria as well as speculating about the upcoming third instalment. The series is all over the internet in the form of memes, spoilers, Tiktok videos, Instagram, and Facebook stories. People are giving their views about the show and how the second season ended. Also, the teen drama series is making good money through the viewership.

Everything to Know about HBO Series Euphoria

The HBO series Euphoria is a teen drama tv show with a mixed plot structure. It is based on the lives of high school students and their romantic and sexual relationships. The plot is a bit stereotypical as the main character is a drug addict who has gone through some trauma due to which she chose to take drugs. Other than that, the story includes action, crime, and substance. To sum up, the show is all about sex and thrill in the lives of teenagers. The first season is mostly introductory that involves the introduction of characters, plot, and context. The second season is the actual part where twists and turns take place and grab the attention of fans. To avoid spoilers for those who haven’t watched the 2nd season, the only important thing to know is surprising events in the light of three characters including Rue Bannet (Zendaya), Cassie (Sydney Sweeny), and Javon Walton.

Euphoria Makes History

Euphoria had made good business after the finale episode. Season 1 of the HBO series Euphoria had 530,000 viewers which was only a beginning. However, the finale was chartbuster as the episode alone gained 6.6 million views across all the platforms of HBO. The platform itself said that the second season has an average of around 16.3 million viewers. In the US, its premiere episode gained 19 million viewers. Due to the recent rating and fans’ eagerness to watch what’s next, it has already become one of the most anticipated Tv upcoming tv shows 2022.

One Particular Reason for The Massive Popularity

Like many shows that become popular due to their story and cast, the HBO series Euphoria also turned out to be breathtaking for many on social media. Several Instagram and Twitter users presented their views about why they loved the show. One particular reason for the enthusiasm is Zendaya who recently became extremely famous after working in the latest Spiderman movies. Apparently, people loved her in the Marvel movie and thus, her charm could be one of the reasons why fans loved to watch the season.  According to viewers, other than the tragic, dramatic, and suspenseful story of both seasons, Zendaya, and the main cast’s acting was the sheer reason for the massive reputation.

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