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Journalists Reply to Maryam Nawaz Panama Tweets

Maryam Nawaz Panama tweets came in defense of her family. The PM’s daughter was sharing her opinions related to the Panama Case.

In her first tweet, she said that Panama Case was crap and trashed in the rest of the world. And those who are pursuing the case against the PM will bite the dust.Journalists Reply to Maryam Nawaz Panama TweetsIn second of the Maryam Nawaz Panama tweets, she expressed that Panama was never about corruption. Even the persons who made it public did not say it revealed anything about corruption.

In an interesting turn of events, Bastian Obermayer replied to her tweet. (Bastian Obermayer won a Pulitzer-winning journalism award.)

He tweeted that Panama Papers were about corruption. He mentioned that they (he and his colleagues) found a lot of corruption cases in the leaked documents.Journalists Reply to Maryam Nawaz Panama TweetsOn this reply, Maryam Nawaz replied back to Bastian Obermayer. Maryam Nawaz Panama tweets continued. She stated she did understand the misery of the journalists who broke the story. She did talk what she thought of overt and covert efforts of the journalists to bring down the government of PML (N).In continuation of Maryam Nawaz Panama tweets, she expressed regret over the alleged nexus which between Panama Paper journalists and their Pakistani colleagues. Maryam Nawaz further said that the Pakistani journalists regrettably became part of the conspiracy against Pakistan.Journalists Reply to Maryam Nawaz Panama TweetsOn her reply, Obermayer first defined Journalism and its scope by tweeting this tweet.Journalists Reply to Maryam Nawaz Panama Tweets

Frederick Obermaier Also Responded to Maryam Nawaz Panama Tweets

As a result, few minutes after this conversation, Frederick Obermaier, another Pulitzer-winning journalist replied to Maryam Nawaz Panama tweets.

He said that over 150 investigations and audits around the 80 countries could not potentially mean trashing rest of the world.In conclusion, the conversation did not continue after Maryam Nawaz Sharif stopped tweeting on Panama Case.

The Verdict of Supreme Court, JIT, and Progress on Panama Case

Journalists Reply to Maryam Nawaz Panama TweetsPanama Case is not dying away for now. It is very much alive unlike many other high-profile court cases in Pakistan led by Joint Investigation Teams. The split decision on Panama Case has divided the nation where both PML (N) and opposition parties are claiming victory.

Therefore, the SC ordered the creation of Panama Joint Investigation Team. As a result, yesterday a special bench of SC responsible for implementing Panama Case verdict had rejected the names of JIT forwarded by SBP, and SECP.

Consequently, the reason behind the rejection given by SC was that it wanted to have JIT members who would meet the court’s criteria. Therefore, the court as per the decision wants a transparent investigation by honest and professional officials.

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