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Labour MP applauded for calling out Boris Johnson’s bigotry

People and members of the British parliament applaud labour MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi for calling out Boris Johnson’s bigotry during the PMQ’s today and ultimately took him by surprise.

“Apologies for Your Racist Comments”, Says Labour MP

It is not a hidden or unknown fact that the current British Prime Minister has often been caught saying things others find racist and has never bothered to apologise for them. The PMQ’s or Prime Ministers Question is a session of parliament in which the PM is asked multiple questions regarding different state matter and how he or she tends to address them.

During today’s PMQ proceeding’s a British Asian member of parliament from Slough named   Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi demanded that the British Prime Ministers apologiize to all the people he has hurt as a result of his racist comments he had made in the past. He further asked him to act in accordance to the prestige of the office he holds.

The Reply Given By Johnson Seemed To Be Very Vague and Poorly Phrased

How Can You Be Islamaphobic

Before becoming the Prime Ministers of UK, Boris appeared on a TV show called know who you are. It’s a show in which famous people trace their ancestral roots by various means. The show concluded that Boris Johnson was related to multiple royal families or nobility that resided in the EU. The most exciting discovery was that he was the great-grandchild of Ali Kemal who served as Turkey’s Prime Minister after the WW1. So it’s surprising to see a man of his decadence be so Islamaphobic.

It’s high time that Boris apologizes for his racist comments, and his friends should not be allowed to come to his rescue at all. The way the Labour MP skewered him was more than apt.

His comment is a reflection of a harsh reality that many minorities have faced over the years.

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