World to Observe the Longest Lunar Eclipse of Century Today

longest lunar eclipse

The century’s longest lunar eclipse going to take place on the night of 27-28 July. In a rare celestial event of its kind, the world will get to witness a red Moon and a red Mars. Even those who don’t bother much about what is happening in outer space can feast upon a spectacular scene in the sky.

Duration of the Longest Lunar Eclipse of Century

The longest lunar eclipse of the century that world will witness on 27 July is going to be 3 hours and 55 minutes longer which is approximately 4 hours. The lunar eclipse of January 31, 2018, had lasted one hour 16 minutes. And, the shortest lunar eclipse of this century took place on April 4, 2015, and it lasted from approximately 5 minutes.

How Will Lunar Eclipse Occur?

This lunar eclipse is going to be an interesting phenomenon as it is coinciding with Earth’s passing between Sun and Mars. So, there are two events taking place on the night of the longest lunar eclipse; one is the Earth passing between Sun and the moon and other is Earth passing between Sun and Mars. Hence, on the night of eclipse people will get to watch a brighter and bigger version of both Moon and Mars.

What Will Happen?

On the night of eclipse Earth, Sun and Moon will be aligned. Here, Moon will be opposite to sun with Earth barring light from Sun to reach it. In the same way, Earth, Sun, and Mars will be aligned as well with Mars opposite to the Sun. Consequently, people will get to watch a big, Red Mars. Therefore, on the night of the longest lunar eclipse, it wouldn’t be all about the moon. In fact, it will be about watching out some spectacular scenes that coincidental alignment of the celestial bodies will have to offer.  And, these worth watching seen will include a red Mars and a red and bigger moon.

2018 An Year of Great Celestial Events

It wouldn’t be wrong at all to say that 2018 is proving to be a year of great celestial events. It was the Supermoon on January 1 that made the new year special. And, later it was another supermoon and blue moon. And, now it is the longest lunar eclipse that world is going to witness on July 27 and July 28. In the first month of the year, people also got to watch the meteor shower. So, overall this is the year is all about keeping your eyes on the Sky and enjoying the generosity of nature.