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How International Media Reported Imran Khan’s Victory

Pakistan’s cricket world cup winning captain Imran Khan’s victory in General Elections 2018 is the talk of the town in international media. All eyes are set on how the athlete-turned politician who is the potential next Prime Minister will deliver in a country with immense geostrategic importance.

While Imran Khan’s victory speech earned him praise from all over the world including India, the headlines suggested a mixed analysis on who Imran Khan the next Prime Minister of Pakistan is in term of his foreign policy opinions and attitude towards tackling the militancy. Various new outlets also discussed the situation in Pakistan after General Elections 2018 results.

International Media Headlines on Imran Khan’s Victory

Here is what International media had to say on Imran Khan’s victory.

Most of the headlines showered light on the prospect of an ex-cricketer turning into a Prime Minister.

New York Times

A headline in NY Times read “Cricketer Imran Khan is Rising to Top of the List of Athletes Turned Politicians.”

Wall Street Journal

An opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal read, “For Imran Khan, Winning Was the Easy Part.”

WSJ also reported Khan’s stance on relations with the United States. The headline read

Washington Post

Even before the General Elections 2018 international media portrayed Khan as a person, who had a soft corner for the Taliban. After Imran Khan’s victory in the elections became clear several international news publications publicized the same perception about Pakistan’s next prime minister. So the heading by Washington Post read, “Pakistan’s likely next leader is a Taliban Sympathizer.”

Another opinion in Washington Post had a headline, “The biggest game of Imran Khan’s life begins now.”

CNN International

Few weeks before the elections in an interview with a journalist, Imran Khan shared his opinion on how feminism destroyed the motherhood in the west. Khan’s anti-feminism remarks earned him the wrath of feminists. An opinion by Rafia Zakaria on CNN International had a headline “An Imran Khan Victory Would Bode Poorly for Pakistani Women.”


Many media outlets also highlighted the challenges that the next prime minister of Pakistan is more likely to face. In a headline, Reuters reported, “Pakistan’s Imran Khan faces a tough test in looming economic crisis.”

Indian Media Reporting on Imran Khan’s Win

Indian media covered the prospects Imran Khan becoming the next Prime Minister of Pakistan in a diverse manner. Its focus was on how Khan rose to power, who backed him in polls and how his policies will impact the Indo-Pak relations.

NDTV made a headline out of a Union minister’s statement which said, “Pak Elections Rigged, Imran Khan a Military Candidate.”

International media also covered Imran Khan’s victory speech and talked about what he had to say about his foreign policy, economic policy, and other state affairs.

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