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Here is why PEMRA banned Mehwish Hayat Gala Biscuit ad

A few days back, the renowned Pakistani actor Mehwish Hayat was featured in the Gala biscuit Ad. Later, PEMRA notified the channel that the ad was put under review for inappropriate content.

Pakistani public presented their views regarding Mehwish and PEMRA, for putting the new Gala biscuit ad under review. Their emotions portrayed the ongoing chaos regarding objectifying women in society. Most of the people considered the ad industry the real culprit.

What did Mehwish Hayat feel about her Ad?

Before the ad’s excitement went to the dumpster, Mehwish tweeted about how delightful it was working in this ad. She admired the cultural diversity of the country depicted through the ad. Her words described her feeling of pleasure and enthusiasm towards the ad. The biscuit ad showed an assortment of culture and its various aspects in terms of people, colors, traditions, etc. 

Why Fans Despised Her

Ironically, the so-called diverse individuals proved her wrong by opining about the inappropriateness of the ad. Some talked about increased rape cases including the one recognized as the motorway case. The same case led women towards protesting against the criminals and government. The anti-rape protests involved several slogans and posters that depicted society-objectifying women.

The ostensible fans reviled her for her dance in the video. Supposedly, their beef was with Mehwish for being a part of such an act. 

Diverse Public Views

Presumably, Pakistan’s public is not that wise since their confused reactions showed the conflict between their ideologies. First, they asked to stop objectifying women, and then, they show a woman as an object to attract customers. Otherwise, why a woman is necessary to advertise about a biscuit brand. 

There are actual heroes playing part in saving the country from disasters, threats, crimes, etc. Nevertheless, people like Mehwish Hayat are taking all the credit by just dancing and entertaining people. Those heroes are the ones who need praising and not someone like Mehwish. 


People could not understand why PEMRA banned the ad. They did not take any action against the bold movies like “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani” and “Na Maloom Afraad”. Those movies also showed similar content. Moreover, Mehwish won a national award despite performing in an item song  

Some blamed it on Pakistani culture. They think that a woman must be saved from becoming a tool that helps to sell. Our religion and culture dignify women to a great level; therefore, they should not indulge themselves in such activities. 

Our media and film industry is way behind Bollywood because Pakistani society does not accept freedom of expression. Even if the industry is flexible as far as the art and showbiz are concerned but as soon some artist indulges in a bold activity, it goes under review by the Islamic ideology council. 

Some users pointed to a particular group in Pakistan which raises voice against the objectification of women. They opined that the group will prefer to smash this decision of banning the Gala ad but ignore the very objectification this ad was doing

It was extremely unethical to make such an ad. The ad was displayed on every channel of television and people cannot fathom to watch it with their families, especially their daughters. 

It is hard to digest that the same woman who got Tamagh-e-Imtiaz (medal), was now involved in working in an inappropriate ad. 

Did the ad industry and content creators have nothing better to do than making a dance video to sell biscuits? They need to improve their products’ quality, dancing will not change anything. 

Whenever Mehwish’s name is in news, people become active in order to troll her. 

Lastly, many despised and blamed her for taking a part in an ad. Whereas some thought she was amazing in the video. The whole act was perfectly fine. The colors, cast, and sound were just amazing. The ad revealed the culture of Pakistan, which was completely ethical and not at all, inappropriate. 

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