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7 Troubles that New iPhone Users have to Face

Apple addressed some serious problems in its latest software in an official post. The majority of users who updated to iOS 14 and watchOS 7, reported apps and data loss. These issues were present in a new iPhone and a new Apple Watch as well. The tech giant has also mentioned a possible solution in the post which users did not find much thoughtful. The company advised to erase all content and settings from the iPhone and then restore it from backup.

The long-awaited upgrade was revolutionary but brought some annoying bugs as well. According to a number of reports, Apple rushed the release of iOS 14 which could have caused these issues. Even developers led a strong backlash on social media for not getting enough time to update their apps before the release of the new OS.

Disappointing Issues in the new iPhone Software

Now the tech giant itself has identified 7 major concerns. 6 of them are related to Apple apps (Activity and Health and Fitness) and one is the low battery life. This last one is probably the most infuriating one because Apple’s battery issues have been persistent for long enough.

Workout Route Maps Missing in Fitness App

After upgrading to iOS 14, users did not find a map of their workout runs in iPhone’s Fitness app. previously, when users selected workout from the watch, a map would show up on their iPhone which tracked the run. In addition to this, their past runs were also missing GPS data in the new watchOS 7.

Health Apps Failed to Load Data on Apple Watch

Apple’s Health apps and the Activity app were not properly synching with the Apple watch. The app data was not showing inside the watch like it did in previous iOS versions

Health Apps Failed To Launch Data on iPhone

The health-related apps also stopped showing some data in iPhone. Users mentioned that they could clearly see the data inside watch but it’s not appearing on the apps in iPhone.

Health Data Inaccuracy on iPhone

The vital data from health apps showed inaccurate numbers on iPhone. Many users raised this issue as serious because of health concerns. Some of them cannot afford false-diagnoses which can disrupt their health progress

Activity Data Inaccuracy on Apple Watch

The Activity app also showed contradictory data on iPhone and watch. The data stored on the Activity app on the iPhone did not appear accurately on Apple Watch. Many users lost their activity data after upgrading to iOS 14

  1. Sound And Audio Data From Watch Not Showing on iPhone

The headphone audio levels and environmental sound levels (noise) data were automatically sent to iPhone’s Health app in the previous version. This feature was also not working for most iOS 14 users however there wasn’t any report on social media.

Increased Battery Drain on iPhone and Apple Watch

The overall battery life of Apple devices felt the worst impact of upgrading to iOS 14 and watchOS 7. Batteries of both interlinked devices drained quicker than ever before.

Technically, the battery was affected by some bug that came along the iOS 14 update. Infuriated users tried every tweak possible but failed to fix the issue. According to popular opinion, resetting the device can fix a lot of issues but the majority of the users feel that this is not a solution

Solutions Provided By Apple

Unfortunately, Apple also has no other solution for the bug which they failed to eliminate. The tech giant has advised the users to follow a few simple steps if they have faced any two of the above-mentioned issues.

First of all, the users are required to disconnect Apple Watch from iPhone. To do this, open the Watch app on iPhone. Under the “My Watch” tab, tap “All Watches” to show all watches connected to the iPhone. In front of the problematic watch, tap “Info” and then “Unpair” to disconnect the said watch from iPhone.

Backing Up To iCloud

Then Apple asks to make sure that iCloud backup is set up. Open the Settings app on the iPhone and tap the user’s name. Under this menu, tap iCloud and make sure the switch in front of Health is switched on. Furthermore, verify that iCloud backup is switched on as well in the “iCloud Backup” page. Tap “Back Up Now” to start creating a backup.

To verify if the data is backed up or not, open the Health app and tap the user’s picture to open the profile. At the bottom of the profile page, it will say how long ago the data was backed up. If the time is not recent then it means the data is not backed up. Then the user would have to either wait or repeat the process again till it does.

The last step is to erase all content and settings from the iPhone and then restore it from backup. For this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. This will remove everything from the device.

Restoring From Backup

After erasing everything, the iPhone can be restored from the iCloud backup. First, turn on the device and follow onscreen instructions until Apps & Data screen appears. Tap “Restore from iCloud Backup”. Sign in to iCloud and choose a backup. Enter Apple ID to restore all apps and purchases (a user cannot access apps and purchases if he chooses to skip this step). Moreover, if the user has content on multiple Apple ID’s, he would have to enter each one of them.

On the next screen, a user must wait because the progress bar would take some time to appear and complete. Sometimes it takes up to an hour depending on the size of the backup and internet speed. The phone will be ready to use soon but the heavy content like apps, photos, or music will continue to restore in the background

Is It Really A Solution?

After restoring everything, open the watch app on your iPhone and start pairing again. Then tap “Restore from Backup” and choose the recent backup.

According to users, Apple still hasn’t addressed the major issues in its latest updates. The slightly older iPhones were facing more critical issues than those Apple identified in its post.

Many have expected that such issues will not persist in the new iPhone which is coming next year. However, during this year, there is no guarantee that Apple will fix the bugs which users are facing. Apple’s answer to the wide-ranging critical issues of iPhone users proves that the iPhone is overrated.

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