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Save Nature – Pakistan Faces Worst Environmental Crises

Pakistan is a country known for many things: beauty, culture, traditions, etc. People recognize it through its idea of prospering, its way of accepting people of all sorts, its ideologies, and most importantly, its affection towards the citizens. Very few have attempted to save nature. Unfortunately, the beloved people of Pak forgot to return the favor to the country. Killing its nature became their way of grooming and becoming successful. 

The idea of saving the country’s natural gist is long lost. Now, every person is moving forward with improving the growth of civilization at the cost of Pakistan’s nature. The very outcome of ruining the natural assets of the country is the increasing rate of Global Warming, diseases, uncanny climatic changes, and so on. 

What does “save nature” infer?

Nature is one of those elements that play a great role in keeping a country alive. There is no place on earth, which can survive without fresh air, plants, trees, wildlife, and even insects. As per the quote by Jonas Salk, the creator of the Polio vaccine, “the world without humans will prosper but, it will die if the tiniest creatures like insects happen to vanish from the earth”. 


That explains the significance of even the smallest beings around the world, as they are a part of nature. It is not hard to imagine the importance of mighty essentials like mountains, water, and trees. 

Saving nature simply means protecting the existing natural reserves, for instance: the greenery, mountains, oceans, and everything that is a reason for saving and serving humanity. It also refers to increase nature’s capabilities of providing a suitable environment for everyone to live a healthy life.

What Is Causing the Disruption in Pakistan’s Climate?

The country is under a great threat: Not because of external bodies but the internal ones, we call citizens. It will not be completely wrong to say that there are nature killers present among us. Some believe that the wars and conflict between states cause problems for Pakistan. They are not seeing the actual reason behind the environmental downfall of their beloved motherland. They are the enemies of their homeland. Today, people are very fond of keeping their homes made of concrete clean but their mindset regarding a clean environment does not leave their house premises. Outside the house, they forget to keep their surroundings healthy.

Killing the Very Earth We Walk on

The duplicity of whys and wherefores explain the Disruption in climate as well as advise to save nature: 

The so-called wise humans construct infrastructures, industries, and make their way into the advanced world by depriving the Country of the woods and trees, which are even more important than and for civilization. They have already cut down plenty of trees in order to create a temporary and unhealthy world. They do not grow plants but they have ruined many. The outcome of such a disaster is itself a disaster. The cutting down of trees and removing the greenery is certainly not the way to develop a country. 


The northern side of Pakistan is recognized for its beauty But, who is to blame for the changing that attractiveness into something awful. For instance, nearly every person is aware of Ushu Forest in Kalam valley; its charm is incomparable. 

A few years back, the forest used to be green and healthy: 


However, it lost its charm and attractiveness due to the people’s habit of polluting nature with trash. Soon the place started to look messier due to the garbage. 


Tourists who visit such places and the locals do not treat the place as they should treat it. They spread waste, which ruins the place. Smokers throw cigarettes that can be very harmful since dry leaves and trees are vulnerable to fire. 

Disturbed Sea Life

One of the most disturbing facts is that people throw trash everywhere without thinking about its consequences. One can assume there is more trash in the Arabian Sea (Karachi) than on the land. The proof is that the sea is now returning the favor; it is throwing garbage on the beach. 


Since the water life is much disturbed due to the garbage, hundreds of fish die but, healthy and wealthy humans have nothing to worry about since saving nature is not their job. 


To keep the illusion of a clean and beautiful Pakistan alive, every citizen needs to think thrice before disposing of garbage anywhere they like.

Air Pollution  

Air pollution in Pakistan is off the charts. Due to the industrial smoke, Pakistan faces an enormous level of air pollution. According to media reports, Pakistan is considered to be ranked 2nd according to its polluted air. Its AQI is 146. 


Due to pollution, Pakistan has been facing the problem of SMOG: a combination of smoke and fog. It is hazardous to health and causes breathing problems for people. Since the forest rate of Pak is very low, pollution in the air grows stronger each day. 


The worst outcome of air pollution is global warming and diseases that can harm citizens. The pollution is also affecting ozone, which is not a good sign since it is the only thing keeping us safe from the sun’s sizzling and harmful rays.

What is the possible solution?

The real question is how do we save nature. Because not only vaccines against the diseases are sufficient but preserving the nature in its true form is quite necessary. Many might raise queries that is it even possible to save it after such a level of damage. Well, yes by planting more trees to balance the damage. Other than that, refraining ourselves from using trash as the decoration piece for the country would do well for Pakistan. Moreover, everyone needs to realize the importance of lives other than humans, whether it is a giant whale or a small insect. This way, the world might become a better place to live.

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