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Top 5 Must Visit Museums in San Francisco

Museums in San Francisco are a must to visit the site for a connoisseur of art, history, science, and archeology. But, they equally cater to the interest of every fun loving person who has a fascination for the wonderful things. The city of San Francisco is home to few of the biggest museums in the world that have millions of the collections of science exhibits, art pieces, paintings, sculptures, antiques and many other wonderful things.

Top 5 Must to Museums in San Francisco

Here are the 5 museums in San Francisco that appeal to the interest of every person.

SFMOMA- San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts

According to stereotypical perceptions, a museum is a place that has centuries-old sculptures, antiques and art pieces. Just take the example of Lahore museum which is one of the best places in Lahore to Visit. The place houses the antiques and statues that are thousands of years old. But, the case is different with SFMOMA- one of the unique museums in San Francisco that exhibit contemporary art. It houses art galleries and floors spread over an area of 170,000 square feet. One floor of the museum is solely dedicated to photography. It also features more than 43000 pieces of contemporary art.

Legion of Honor

Neoclassical building of Legion of Honor is present near the world-famous attractions of Golden Gates Bridge and Lincoln Park. The museum was built in honor of the Californian soldiers who died in World War I.  An amusing thing about this place is that it is an amalgam of past and present, as it features the art pieces that date back to 4000 years and exhibits the Skinner pipe organ performances. The building also showcases the finest work of graphic designing as it houses the Achenbach Foundation of Graphic Arts.

Those who don’t have any interest in seeing the artwork can enjoy the music concerts, taking place every weekend.

Museum of Craft and Design

This house of craft and design is one of the less boring museums in San Francisco; because it features the everyday craft and design from North America in particular and rest of the world in general. Watching fresh art pieces that are relatable to the contemporary world is a treat for eyes. A good thing about visiting the place is that it gives unique ideas of home décor and an insight into the modern man’s way of living.

Asian Art Museum

As the name indicates, this place houses the art pieces and exhibits that belong to the Asian continent. The museum’s collection features the diverse items that even date back to 6000 years. The articles include textile, furniture, sculptures, paintings, armor and furniture from India, China, Japan and other Asian countries. The museum offers enough insight into the history of different Asian cultures and a history of the continent.

Contemporary Jewish Museum

This is something for those interesting in interesting and a bit complex history of the Jewish people. While the place offers sufficient material for a history student there are exhibits and art pieces that may seem appealing to a diverse range of audience.

Apart from above-mentioned attractions other worth visiting museums in San Francisco include the California Academy of Sciences, Children’s Creativity Museum, de Young Museum, Museum of African Diaspora, Exploratorium and Walt Disney Family Museum.

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