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Settlements Cost UK’s National Health Service 600 Million Pounds

A recent media report has revealed shocking information about UK’s National Health Service which is already in crisis. According to the report improper diagnosis including that of cancer have cost the health service 600 million pounds in settlements over the past three years.

National Health Service Maybe Collapsing

The National Health Servics or NHS has become an integral part of the British society. Since its inception in July 5, 1948 the institute has faithfully served the country and has been credited with saving millions of lives.

At one time the instituate was considered to be the best in the world and produced some of the most reputed medical staff who were often recruited by other governments to help lay the foundation of their version of NHS.

The Repute Is Declining

Unfortunately over the past few years the NHS has constantly come under fire either for poor staff behavior or training.in some way it has always been at the root of some of the most controversial medical scandals.

According to a recent media report the service standards of the health services are very poor. 4,097 Improper diagnosis including those of cancer have cost the NHS 600 million pounds in settlement over a 3 year period. In other words the NHS settled 26 cases a week .Out of the total 4,097 settlement cases 399 of these cases were cancer related and cost the health services 33.4 million.

Even Doctors Have Suffered Greatly At NHS

These cases have raised serious questions regarding the future of the once fine institution. Forget about the average fellow who works his day and night to make ends meet medical staff themselves have become a victim of the poorly managed institution. Dr Lisa Steen who died of a rare kidney cancer that could have been treated till her dying breath held her colleagues responsible for misdiagnosing her condition. She often wrote in the British Medical Journal.

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