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Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead Outside His Clothing Store In Hyde Park

The famous American rapper and Grammy nominee Nipsey Hussle was shot dead on Sunday in front of his clothing store in Crenshaw Los Angeles. Friends and family are in a state of shock. The police have cordomn of the scene of the crime.

Why Was Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead?

Many are speculating that the real cause behind his death is the new documentary he was about to embark on. The documentary was set to feature on doctor Sebi, an herbalist who claimed to have the cure for HIV and cancer.

The young rapper planned to expose the monopolistic and inhumane nature of the pharmaceutical industry. It is believed just like the rapper, doctor Sebi   was also murdered, but the cause behind his death is not known

In a radio interview the Nipsey Hussle was heard saying that I believe the story of doctor Sebi needs to be put out there. People should know about the man who cured patients suffering from HIV and cancer.They should know how he was dragged to court twice and won.

The reason behind his death and the identity of the person who shot and killed him is not known so far. The police are looking for a black male suspect believed to be in his 20. The suspect shot the rapper six times before driving off in a getaway vehicle.

The police quickly cordonned of the scene of the crime, with paramedics providing him first aid. He was later taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The LAPD Lt Chris Ramirez while talking to the media said we are looking for a young black male in his twenties. Interviews are still being conducted and attempts to recover any security footage from the surrounding area that may help in identifying the gunman.

Folks Reacting to the Incident

The people of Crenshaw are devastated at Nipsey Hussle passing. Many considered him to be an important pillar of the community. He often employed people struggling to make ends meet in a barber shop, a burger restaurant and a fish market that he owned.

Husley regularly took part in charitable acts in the community. He gifted an entire school with shoes and donated money to a school. The people gathered outside the scene of the crime and played his music to remember him

despite having no so humble beginning and being associated with gangs like the rolling ’60s, he  managed to improve not only his life but those around him

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