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Numerous People Trampled at Vigil Held for Nipsey Hussle

Numerous people have been injured in a stampede at a vigil held for Nipsey Hussle on Monday night outside a clothing store he owned. The wounded were immediately transported to the nearest hospital for further treatment.

What Caused The Stamped At Nipsey vigil? 

A sudden stampede was reported at a vigil being held for the famous American rapper Nipsey Hussle on Monday. The rapper was inhumanely gunned down on Sunday outside one of his clothing stores

According to police and media reports while people were mourning at Nipsey vigil shots were fired causing panic amongst the people who stamped to safety trampling many in the process. Reports of people being hit by fleeing cars have also come forth. Furthermore media a has reported at least six people have been stabbed and two being shot have also come forth.

The injured were immediately taken to hospitals immediately while the police closed the area down to prevent any other incident from occurring. Shortly after the incident, the police reopened the place to the mourners.

Latest Developments Regarding Nipsey Hussle Murder Case

The LAPH HQ on Monday announced the identity of the gunman suspected to have gun downed the famous rapper. The police identified him as Eric Holder, a young black male. The suspect’s vehicle matches the description of the getaway car involved in Hussles murder.

The police have requested anyone who knows about his where about to come forth or reach out to them by any means possible

Folks Paying Tribute to Rapper

People from all the country are coming together to mourn the loss of one of the most iconic rappers in America.

Artists have taken to the streets in Crenshaw and other parts of the country to commemorate the rapper by drawing pictures of him.
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