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Nora Fatehi Song Fuels New Conflict Between India and Pakistan

A new Nora Fatehi song “Zaalima Coca Cola Pile de” has been going viral ever since it came on YouTube. It reached more than 10 million views on the day of its release. Reportedly, the song is from a film named Bhuj: The Pride of India, which is being considered anti-Pakistan by many. The interesting part is that the song going viral is in fact a recreation of an old Pakistani song.

It was first sung by the legendary singer Noor Jahan in 1986 for the film Chan Te Surma. Many next-generation artists have created renditions of this popular song for their own projects.

Nora Fatehi Song in Bhuj: The Pride of India

Nora Fatehi song has been applauded because of her sizzling dance moves and captivating voice of Shreya Ghoshal. However, some listeners were absolutely disgusted by this latest version of the Coca-Cola ballad. It enraged the folks how a Pakistani song was conveniently plagiarized for a film that would mostly cash on the Indo-Pak conflict. However, there are credits for EMI Pakistan as well along with T-Series in the licensing information.

The movie is loosely based on the 1971 events of the war between India and Pakistan. As per the trailer, it looks like a story of an Indian pilot who seeks revenge on Pakistan for destroying its airbase during the war.

The movie cast includes Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt, and Sonakshi Sinha and will release on Disney+ Hotstar in August.

Pakistanis Trolling the New Song

The first thing people did after listening to Nora Fatehi song was call out the Indian film Industry. They noted that Bollywood is usually out of creative ideas for which they remake content from Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam stuff. Sometimes they can also look beyond borders for some fresh content. They have done this countless times for which the folks asked them to stop stealing in the same lyrical style of Coca-Cola song.

Bollywood fans were also not happy about the inclusion of such a song in a patriotic film.

It gave them an opportunity to mock not only the song selection but also the senseless conflict that is going on between these two nations since 1947.

Some other Pakistani songs that India remade were Hawa Hawa by Hassan Jahangir, Mast Mast by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Kadi Te Hans Bol Ve by Shaukat Ali, Mera Piya Ghar Aya by NFAK, and Dil Dil Pakistan by Vital Signs, which they renamed as Dil Dil Hindustan in the same tone.

Why Create so Many Remakes of this Song?

Before Nora Fatehi song, Pakistani singer Meesha Shafi popularized it for Coca Cola commercial in 2016. That was somehow acceptable for listeners but this new rendition was getting on their nerves. Many questioned why India felt the need to add this particular as multiple remakes of it were already in the market.

Some time ago, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo became a marketing nightmare for the Coca-Cola company by removing its bottles from in front of him and replacing them with water. It seems like Coke is now trying to get its lost glory back by sponsoring sensational item songs.

For those who want to watch the original version, here is the YouTube link:

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