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Is Steam Deck Handheld Gaming PC Reliable to Play Advance Games?

The gaming world is innovating itself and bringing enhancements in terms of new devices and advanced technology. With the upcoming handheld gaming PC, Steam Deck, it seems like the trend of smaller and handy devices is replacing the gigantic gaming computers and consoles. Valve’s Steam is something different than other gaming consoles since it is compatible with multiple operating systems other than its own. This feature makes its nature of providing duplicity of services to the users more prominent.

Moreover, a gaming computer this small raises curiosity among the gaming community. The most important thing to wonder about is that the device will be worth buying if it doesn’t comply with new and HQ games. The wonderment is valid since the era demands efficient devices for gamers who are fond of playing video games with ultrahigh graphics and require fully equipped devices that can handle extraordinary FPS (frames per second) while running the games.

Steam Deck Specifications and Release Date 

According to Valve, Steam deck is an advanced handheld gaming pc isn’t just a console. It has other properties that define it as a multitasker. Other than that, the device has certain limitations along with some appreciable characteristics. 

The 7-inch touchscreen LED gives it a promising look but that isn’t according to gamers’ requirements. Today, big screens provide more resolution and mental satisfaction to a gamer. The 1280 x 800 widescreen resolution is also something that gamers can count on but the size is still below average to play a powerful game in terms of graphics. Valve has also given a solution to this issue. The device is compatible with HDMI connectivity. Thus, users can attach computer LEDs with it and have an impressive gaming experience. 

The 16GB ram with the combo of Zen 2 and RDNA 2 chips, which are quite sufficient to install and run high-profile portable games. The 8 CU (compute Units) might not be enough as compared to other gaming boxes like Xbox Series S but it does the job with most of the HD games. 

The deck comes in three models with the only difference of storage i.e., 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. The SSD installation is one of the specs that make it special because speed and processing matter a lot when it comes to enjoying fast gaming. 

Lastly, the company is releasing the PC in December 2021.  

Design and Appearance 

When it comes to buying a gaming box, the consumers usually look for 2 main things. One is the specifications that are important to have a good gaming experience. Two is the appearance of the device, which is the essence of aesthetics in the gaming world. Gamers wish to have technologically upgraded machines that are not just efficient in performing well but also in terms of designs. Steam Deck handheld gaming pc fulfills the design requirements since it is carved amazingly well. If the handy devices are to be considered, very few have all small R3 joysticks alongside the panel. The Deck looks like a PSP but with a big display screen and more room to hold and handle the controls. Every button is in a perfect position that players will be able to play all genres of the videogames easily. If keys are not giving enough satisfaction, then two touchpads on each side can be considered as a free muffin with a chocolate cake for a fat kid. Other than that, the device is heavy and enormous so a gamer must have the hands of bigfoot to hold and use the PC. 

Features Other than Gaming 

The upcoming Handheld gaming PC is not for just one purpose but also performs other functions. Since the device is a personal computer, it works like one too. It has its operating system i.e., the Linux-based Steam OS. However, it is up to the users which OS they wish to use. The wonderment among social media users regarding OS compatibility with games is becoming a hot topic on platforms. The answer for the curious users is that players can install windows too in the gaming box. They can use both operating systems and interfaces side by side. Also, if they wish to use just one OS, they can uninstall the existing one and install the desired one. 

Steam also offers streaming services, browsing, downloading, aside from just gaming. A user can play videos, download movies, and keep them in the storage. 

Cost Analysis and Competitors 

Steam Deck comes in three diverse prices ranges which are dependent on the storage capacity. The 64GB device costs $399, 256GB is worth $529, and 512GB has a price of $649. The price structure attracts criticism of the company’s invention and consumer rates. If the rates and specifications are compared to the competitors, it will become hard for the sellers to convince the customers to buy their product. The biggest competitor of Steam Deck is Nintendo Switch 2021, which was recently upgraded. At $349, a gamer can buy Switch instead of spending more than 600 USD. The differences are in terms of Interface, performance, battery life, and weight. 

Games to Play on Steam

Many gamers would wonder if they can play some of the finest games on the Steam Deck the handheld gaming pc. The enthusiastic gamers are into complex and most difficult games since these masterpieces require expert skills. To play such games, a device is expected to have excellent performance cards so that the games can run smoothly. The deck can also play numerous advanced and most popular games including Final Fantasy XV, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Witcher 3, and Divinity: Original Sin 2. Aside from these games, which can be run effectively on the new gaming box and provide user satisfaction, several others are causing ambiguity among the gamers. Such games as Gran Turismo 7, Hitman, Far Cry 6, and a few ultra-advanced pieces of entertainment might not be suitable for the device since these games require loaded highly efficient graphic cards that Steam lacks.

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