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Outcry on Social Media as Girl Kidnapped and Raped in Karachi

Recently, a Young girl kidnaped and raped by two men in Karachi has caused an outcry on social media once again. The crime happened only a few days after the gruesome motorway incident. As per the girl’s statement in FIR culprits kidnapped her from outside the Dolmen mall while she was waiting for public transport near the mausoleum of Abdullah Shah Ghazi. They took her to a flat where they raped her and throw her on the road.

Police’s Statement on Girl Kidnapped and Raped in Karachi

According to SSP-South Sheeraz Nazeer, (as reported by media) the girl was unconscious when the police found her, as the culprits abandoned her after committing the dreadful crime. There were two of them and they took her to an apartment in Clifton, Karachi.  As per the medical examination of the victim, they sexually assaulted her. The police confirmed that they have clues regarding the offenders and they would catch and arrest them soon.

Public Demanded Justice

Increasing rape cases have alarmed Pakistani people. It started with the recent motorway incident that raised outcry on social media. People started protesting against the rapists, demanded the public hanging of criminals and justice for the victims. They even demanded the removal of CCPO upon his views regarding public hangings in Pakistan. Moreover, the women protested and raised anti-rape slogans that highlighted the causes and solutions of this issue.

This girl kidnapped and raped by two men in Karachi is the most recent case of rape: It has made people once again demand the overhaul of the justice system and public hanging of the culprits.

People also addressed Pm Imran Khan in their tweet, suggested him to consider the current crime ratio, and declare an emergency. Since the rape cases were increasing day by day, the urgest steps by the government might lead some solution.

A 22-year-old girl kidnapped and raped by two monsters, adding to another incident into the series of such crimes happening in recent days in Pakistani is gruesome and concerning for the safety of citizens, particularly women who may feel less inclusive.

Is There Any Solution?

The constantly rising rape and murder cases have left citizens in shock, they are questioning the authorities whether there is any solution to this or not? The frustrated freaks target Kids and women on daily basis and yet the police and government are unable to catch or punish them. Even if they punish them, there is no guarantee that there will not be any more incidents. Therefore, there is a need to take step that ensure systematic and structural change in society, powered by education, training, speedy justice and overhaul of the root causes.

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