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Pakistanis Backfire Trump’s Accusations on Twitter

A recent tweet by the Donald Trump shows that American President is taking U-turn on his policy about Pakistan. He has just accused Pakistan of telling a lie and offering a haven to the terrorists while threatening to stop the further aid. Well, Pakistani Twitter users have come up with a robust response to the Trump’s accusations.

Here is how it all began and what Pakistani social media users have to say.

Trump’s Accusation on Pakistan

In his tweet, Donald Trump lambasted Pakistan by saying that country has fooled American leaders by receiving more than 33 billion dollars in aid. He also accused that in return of this support Pakistan has responded with lies and deceit while offering refuge to the terrorists.

 Pakistani Twitter users replied to Trump’s accusations by demonstrating the ground realities with the help of facts and figures.

Few Pakistanis stressed upon the need of taking a well-calculated response on this matter. They opined that country should take into account the diplomatic ties and its geopolitical situation.

Users also highlighted the Trump’s contradicting policies about Pakistan by sharing his earlier tweet where he thanked Pakistan for its cooperation on many fronts.

Pakistanis Response to Trump’s Accusations

Pakistanis have responded to Trump’s accusations in a diverse manner.

Many Twitter users think that American President’s tweet is just a childish act and there is no need to come up with a fierce response at an official level.

They also expressed that Trump was good at nothing except posting bitter Tweets.

Reprimanding Trump on His Afghan Policy

Users also admonished Trump on his flawed Afghan policies that are far from the ground realities. They asked him to stop playing blame games and take some serious steps for preventing the menace of terrorism.

On Reminding about Pakistan’s sacrifices

There is no doubt that Pakistan has sacrificed precious human lives and financial stability for being an American ally in its war on terror. Twitter users didn’t hesitate in coming up with substantial facts that demonstrate how much Pakistan has lost by acting upon America’s policies.

While Trump labeled American leaders foolish for billions of dollars in aid, Pakistanis recalled the foolishness of their leaders, for being a part of the war that was never theirs.

Twitter users also labeled the Trump’s accusations as degradation of those who lost their lives in the course of the fight against terrorism.

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