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Pakistanis Outraged at Mob Attack on Hindu Teacher Accused of Blasphemy

Ghotki a town in Sindh Pakistan was trending on Twitter following the reports of mob-run riots and violence after a Hindu teacher was booked for allegedly committing blasphemy. According to the media, the mob assaulted Notan Lal, school principal accused of blasphemy and vandalized three Hindu Temples causing unrest in the city.

The worsening law and order situation in Ghotki that threatened the life of the Hindu community in the town caused serious concern for many Pakistanis.

While the gruesome scenes of vandalized school and Hindu temple were heart-wrenching the fact that Pakistanis condemned the incident and showed solidarity with the Hindu brothers in Sindh was quite relieving.

Outrage Over Mob Riots on Blasphemy Case in Ghotki

Journalists, civil society members, human rights activists and people from all walks of society condemned the incident and shared their concerns on what could have been the repercussions of rioting that too on the basis of false accusations.

Every Twitter user in Pakistani posting with the hashtag #Ghotki was demanding justice for the victims.

According to reports, Police has even booked the rioters who vandalized Temple for blasphemy charges.

People were appreciating how it took to the effect and made all measures which could have been tolerated in a manner

They were also asking their fellow citizens to question Indian brutality in Kashmir and treatment of Mulsim minority in other countries only when they were sure that religious minority in their own country were safe.

Even citizens marched in the streets to show compassion and express solidarity with the Hindu community who are feeling threatened after their holy places were desecrated by the charged mob.

A Need to Stop Exploiting Blasphemy Laws

The blasphemy laws in Pakistan are much subject to exploitation and need a revision. The reason is that very often they are used by parties for political gains. Usually, people don’t even bother to confirm whether someone actually committed the blasphemy or accusation was an attempt to take personal revenge, and start mobilizing masses against the accused. Such provocations lead to riots and violence threatening the peace in general and the lives of victims in particular. It is heartening to know that citizens of Pakistan are becoming woke to repercussions of misusing blasphemy laws and standing up to the incidents like one that took place in Ghotki.

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