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These Photo Lab Edited Yellow Pictures Are A Crazy Social Media Trend

For the past few days, many social media users have been using some fancy colorful pictures for their profile. These pictures look more like a painting on canvas. It also appears as if some expert graphic designer might have made them. Basically an app called Photo Lab allows users to apply different filters and get desired results. The current photo lab trend involves a filter that creates a digital image on a yellow background.

Some Twitter users were confused about what was this new trend of yellow pictures since many were using it as a display photo.

While others did not appreciate another one like the Face app trend that everyone enjoyed so much.

People have shared their entries in the form of personal pictures and even memes. Users are allowed to edit any image in the photo lab app.

Personal Images For Photo Lab Trend

Here are some of the personal pictures everyone shared on twitter. This answers the question of the previous user who asked why everyone is yellow DPs…just because it’s trending.

This shows how excited users are to follow everyday trends on social media.

If anyone is crazy about trends, they would probably download the app just to follow the Photo Lab trend.

Well, this one never forgot to follow recommended SOPs before following any trend.

Memers Join The Trend

It was inevitable for some creative folks to try something bold with the trend. The app makes it easy for an average user to imitate a professional graphic designer. So, their sentiments are kind of hurt…

This Angry fan meme represents their exact reaction at the photo lab trend.

These days there are memes associated to every trend so how can photo lab trend be spared

How Does Photo Lab Create These Exciting Images?

The app is owned and operated by Linerock Investments LTD. Photo Lab is basically a special effect sharing community app based on the internet. These special effects are designed by its community members and added in the app to use as templates. Users can combine these different templates designed by other people to make their own image.

If users know how to create graphics and effects, they can even share their work which will be available for other people to use. Some templates are for free while some can be premium which is also an opportunity for little business.

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