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This Pink Coffin Pool Toy Is A Cool Summer Accessory

Have you ever fantasized about cooling down your hot summer days by laying in an afloat coffin pool? Well, if not then do give it a thought as a Canadian interior designer has come up with a prototype of a pink coffin pool as a summer accessory.

And, it is a cool idea to float in a pink pool and let people think if you are dead or alive.

What Is Pink Coffin Pool All About?

This Pink Coffin Pool is the creation of Canadian designer Andrew Greenbaum. While sharing the prototype of this pool on Instagram he shared that he had the idea of making such design three years before, with another interior designer Ian Felton.

“I found someone who could make me a sample recently and pulled the trigger. Supper hilarious project”.

This coffin pool is another interesting innovation like spider like mobile airbag by a German student.

Social Media Reaction Over It

It seems that the design has clicked to the viewers as they are finding it more than relatable. Like, who doesn’t need a design which is comfortable and hilarious and makes someone sways in amusement even going through the most depressing thoughts. The pool coffin is just something that can make swimming a fun in summer.

And here is what Twitterati had to say on this so relatable design.

One Being a Remedy to Combat Depression

Can someone use this pink coffin pool to combat the depression? If so, then is it really such easy? Well, Twitter users have found this accessory useful enough in this aspect too.

The design is more like a comforting sofa or an inflated pool that looks like a bed. But, it has also a potential to surprise on-lookers when you hit the beach with it. Now, it is up to you how much good you can get out of it.

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