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Messi Extends Support to Ronaldinho On His Mother’s Loss

Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho lost his mother, who was suffering from coronavirus since December 2020. She finally gave in after two months of fighting with the disease. All football fans, players, and teams have sent their condolences to the accomplished superstar. His former teammate at Barcelona, Lionel Messi seemed highly distressed but was there for him in this dire moment.

When his mother contracted the virus, he asked everyone to pray and announced that she was receiving the best treatment possible. His mom, Dona Miguelina Eloi Assis dos Santos was aged 71 at the time of death.

Ronaldinho Misses The Last Rites of His Mother

Reportedly the ex-footballer was so sad that he did not attend her mother’s funeral. Only his brother and sister did the final honors. Ronnie loved his mom and often told cool stories about her. When she was diagnosed with cancer, he even considered retiring from football. However, she was recovered around 2013, and Ronnie mentioned that fans were by his side throughout the predicament.

At that time he was still bagging all the glory he could regarding football. Yet, he wanted to throw it all away to take care of his mom. She was finally able to defeat cancer but could not last long against COVID-19 this year.

Relationship With Messi

As Ronaldinho kept on blazing the trail, his relationship with the new entrant got very special. It eventually had to end in 2008 with Ronaldinho’s transfer to AC Milan.

He even assisted Messi’s first approved goal in Barcelona. The actual first one was snubbed due to offside. The 1st May of every year is unforgettable for the Catalan giants.

Ronnie fell into the controversies which played a big role in his exit from Catalan giants. Reportedly, the legend was starting to miss training sessions and engage in other priorities than football.

It was Pep Guardiola who decided to let Ronnie go because he feared his behavior could have a negative influence on Messi. Pep excluded him from for further plans at the club which Ronnie understood and took gracefully.

Going Through Hard Times

The former footballer has been through some difficult times lately. Back in May 2020, he was arrested in Paraguay for allegedly using a fake passport. He spent a month in jail and a few more months in house arrest.

He described that the only thing that got him through was being able to talk to his mother daily.

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