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How is Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Superior to Its Predecessors?

The trend of foldable smartphones in the Samsung world is about to take a boost since the new Samsung Galaxy Z fold release date is not far. The company will announce its unpacked Z3 on August 11, 2021. Previously in September 2020, the tech giant introduced Galaxy Fold Z2, which turned out to be a successful creation due to its unique features and design. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Expected Features and Specs

Samsung Galaxy Z fold series is known to be the elitist of all after the Note and S types. The Z2 fold phone was a hit due to its triple screen, camera functions, CPU, and GPU chipsets. The Z3 model seems to have upgraded features in terms of thickness, stylus, and multiple features that are coherent with the specifications. If the two phones, Z2 and Z3 are to be compared, the duplicity of innovative features may help declare the imminent model more advanced. Also, as per social media posts regarding this topic of discussion, foldable smartphones might be the future of the telecommunication industry and better than Samsung’s other flagships.

Display, Size, and Thickness

Leaked images of the new Samsung galaxy Z fold phone revealed some specifics about the Z3 galaxy model. The smartphone is believed to be thinner than the prior foldable devices. The manufacturing of the 3rd installment involves a slightly reduced air gap between the sides for an impressive look. The thinner design is specially carved for people who like to operate the phone using a single hand only. The dimensions of the phone are 158.2 x 128.1 x 6.4mm, which makes it a lot handy and structurally enhanced. 

The screen size of the new Samsung galaxy Z3 fold is 6.2 inches, which is pretty big as and reliable for a foldable phone. At the same time, a three-screen phone is more like a tablet when it is unfolded. The previous model, Z2 had a 60hz refresh rate whereas the Z3 is all set with the 120Hz refresh rate that makes it a fast and better responsive smart device. Other than the display details, the galaxy fold 3 comprises a stylus too. Keeping the digital S pen under consideration, the upcoming smartphone is more like a mixture of three different galaxy series including S, note, and Fold itself.


Unlike the Z2, the Samsung galaxy Z fold has three cameras placed on the left side of its back. The cams will expectedly offer 4k video making at the 60FPS rate. As per the leaks about the pending device, the phone will have telephoto lenses to capture accurate pictures and with the zooming capability of 3X, unlike the previous model. The set of three cameras are anticipated to be 12 megapixels and equipped with features like phase detection autofocus on the ultrawide picture mode.

Reportedly, Samsung partnered with Olympus, the optical products company to install an advanced set of lenses for a better selfie experience. According to leaked information, the external screen will have a 10Mp (punched hole) camera along with a 16Mp under-display cam. There might be another 4mp camera placed inside the internal display.

Given the cam placements, it seems possible for a user to take a wide-angle selfie from the rear cameras as well due to the 360 framework. 

Storage, Connectivity, Performance

Samsung devices, especially the flagships are known for their interface, storage capacity, and performance. The Samsung galaxy Z3 fold phone is no less than the rest. Recently, note 20 Ultra and S 20 nailed the market with their features. The users cannot expect any less from the new Samsung galaxy fold. There are alternatives like Huawei mate X2 Fold, which is similar to Z2 Samsung but those who are brand conscious and find Samsung better than its competitors, prefer the tech giant over other companies.

Since the discussion is about performance and other significant specifications, the galaxy Z2 would likely be having the snapdragon 888 SoC. Not to forget, the Qualcomm processor is one of the company’s specialties. Therefore, users can take wild guesses about the super-fast processing speed too.  Since the model belongs to the flagship phones, it will probably be equipped with 12GB ram and 256Gb storage at a minimum. Lastly, the leaks claim that the device will also be IPX8 waterproof.  

Battery and Cost Analysis

The Samsung galaxy Z fold series is anticipated to have a strong and long-lasting battery life. On the contrary, the leaked specifics reveal that it will have a 4,380Mah battery, which is less than the Z2 version. It is ambiguous why the company would reduce the power of a phone with a high-performance chip. In order to run the android 12 interface, the battery must be more than 4500mah to provide a good user experience. Even Samsung A series phones have more than 4300Mah battery so that a 5-inch display doesn’t consume all the power. The Z3 fold has 3 screens thus, it will require a stronger battery to comply with its features. 

Despite being a flagship phone, the Samsung galaxy Z3 fold will be cheaper than its predecessor. According to rumors, the device will be set at the price of 1,599 USD, which is 20% less than the cost of Z2. The actual price is not disclosed by the company yet. In August 2021, Samsung lovers will get to know details about the anticipated model.  

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