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Is Huawei Mate X2 a Copy of Samsung’s Foldable Smartphones?

Huawei has produced numerous smartphones that became popular among the users due to their affordable midrange prices along with the impressive features. Now, the company is stepping into the evolution of its technology and status as it has launched Huawei Mate X2, the foldable smartphone of the company. The foldable model looks impressive however, it seems stolen, according to reports. Some people compared the phone with the Samsung Z fold, they found uncanny similarities. Other than that, the phone breaking stereotypes but raising the price range. 

Why is Huawei Mate X2 Is Getting Mixed Responses?

The latest foldable phone, Huawei X2 was recently released in February 2021. It gained a good reputation as the company’s status was changing for good in the industry of technology. Besides, the users of the company praised it too. However, many found it a copy of Galaxy Z fold, which is a foldable device by Samsung. 

Also, some of the Huawei users raised concerns as well regarding the changing prices of the phones. They noticed that other companies including Xiaomi, Vivo, and Realme are also raising the costs of their products thus, Huawei is also joining the competitors in the competition. Recently, Samsung helped Xiaomi launch a new smartphone that has a 200 MP camera. These innovations and collaborations have encouraged other brands to take steps that can turn out to be expensive for their users. Many people today look for brands like Huawei, oppo, and, Vivo because of the affordable prices. Now, they’d need to find some other company or have to pay a lot to buy such expensive devices. The current price of the X2 is more than $2,000. 

Is Huawei Abandoning Its Previous Designs? 

As per reports, the company’s Huawei Mate X2 is an initiative towards new designs and better technology. The inspiration from Galaxy fold and other pricy phones have supposedly changed the perspective of the company. Reports say that the firm is going to abandon its previous models for the new ones. This means that the people who were happy about the Midrange Smartphones, are now going to be disappointed since they won’t be able to get a Huawei phone at a reasonable price. They might have to form a line alongside the buyers of iPhone and Samsung, and now Huawei. It might be considered as a new addition in the tech giants’ community which some people despise and yet prefer to use as well.

What Makes It an Impressive Model? 

Like many other impressive phones, Huawei Mate X2 is also acknowledged and admired due to its appearance and features. The phone looks phenomenal since it can be considered a device with three massive screens. Two screens that turn into a single huge one when the phone is unfolded. It might also seem like a Huawei Tablet with optimum features. 

The standard screen display size is 6.45 and the full view display size is 8.0, which is gigantic. The phone is equipped with a super-advanced 5nm Kirin 9000 5G SoC chip. Furthermore, the Mali-G78 GPU chip makes the phone eligible for heightened image processing and ultra-rich gaming experience as well. 

In terms of internet connectivity and speed, the smartphone is packed with a 5G super Uplink and Wi-Fi 6+ for wider and stronger signals. 

Lastly, the 50MP ultra vision camera, 100x zoom, RYYB Telephoto6, and 2.5 cm lens help capture the pictures with the intact originality of the surroundings.

The phone is a complete package without a doubt, although, the users might be reluctant to buy a phone so expensive with a Huawei brand, according to social media users. 

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